Sunday, 14 September 2014

Our three day weekend ....

Started with a trip to their music lesson with Miss Singsong
on a scooter
a trike
and a giraffe - of course!
Cutting, drying and stripping lavender
followed by a lavender tea.
 Meditative colouring with new birthday presents

and designing your own thank you cards!
Being 10 means you make and write your own thank you cards!
They look so beautiful - I have kept one for myself and intend to re-interpret it in stitch and in fabric. 
Looking forward to seeing how it works.
Looking at Miss C's desk this morning I found this.  She had been working on it yesterday and I hadn't noticed!
When I looked closer, I realised that she had chosen the same colours in the crayons and paints. 
Not sure if she has finished yet so will leave it there for a bit longer.
Making curtains kept me busy ...

followed by some sorting out. 
The first box I chose was labelled "BROWN + FAWN". 
Perfect colours and textures for autumn ...
 and they inspired me to make an autumnal heart brooch!
 Solo baking by Miss M - chocolate kisses with raspberry cream - delicious!
Hope you had a great weekend. x


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