Sunday, 22 November 2015

Feathers ...

Since getting my longarm machine in July I've really started to notice the quilting a lot more on quilts!  One thing that has caught my eye are feathers ...... there are some amazing quilts done with FMQ feathers, both on a domestic and longarm. 

I thought it was time to take the plunge ..... so with no marking and all free hand I went for it!!

The sun finally came out today so I could get some photos ....

Seeing it again after a few days I am actually rather pleased with the result ....

Some are better than others but then that's why we practice ....

Another quilt for Project Linus. x


  1. Wow!! Those are some pretty impressive feathers! I would say your first attempt at feathers was a smashing success, they look fantastic from here! Did you do any paper doodling before or did you just go for it? I think you are a feather natural, Abigail! Love your willingness to just jump in and do it! :)

  2. They look great - my first attempt was horrible, I applaud you!


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