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Hi I am Abigail and you have found my blog cut&alter where I share what I make (mostly quilts, but also clothes, accessories and soft furnishings and sometimes, shock horror, things not made from textiles); what we learn (an awful lot from so many different people and places); where we go (both physically and on our journey of life); the nice rosy bits and the not so good bits too (because we all know they are there!).
I currently live in Stratford upon Avon where I have a wonderful home studio which houses my fabric, sewing machines and longarm machine. Although home has been many places over the years both in the UK and in New Zealand.
I am married to a New Zealander and we have two daughters, who until January 2017 were home educated.  We are now embarking on a new journey called school!
Whilst I do not like labels the following words do describe me pretty accurately:

a daughter
a wife
a mother
a friend
a quilter
a longarmer
a sewer
a dressmaker
a crocheter
a baker
a recycler
an upcycler
a refashionista
a maker
a mender
a creator
a reader
and lots more besides .....

This life of ours is a journey - where to? I am not quite sure but we are certainly enjoying the ride!

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  1. Great to meet you, Abigail, I look forward to following your journey.


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