Monday, 28 November 2016

Where to begin?

It's been over a month since I last visited this space and I don't know where to begin now ..... It's been a busy month with highs and lows and some really big decisions to be made.  I think we're almost through it and will soon be able to welcome December with open arms and look forward to Christmas.

One thing that came to an end this month was the Stash Bee.  2016 was the first time I had joined a Bee since 2010 and I have enjoyed it greatly.  November's Queen Bee wanted a Ribbon Star block in autumn colours ....

I had seen this block before so was really pleased to make it up.  It comes together really easily and quickly and I think could make a gorgeous quilt.

I enjoyed the Stash Bee so much that a month or so ago I put up my hand to be a Hive Mama next year.  I know that it is mostly US based but I thought I would volunteer anyway.  Diana at Red Delicious Life is taking over as the Bee Mama next year and I was delighted to hear that she would like my services!!  This is a first for me and I am going to have to be really organised but I hope it will be lots of fun getting to know everyone in my Hive.

The other blocks I made for this Bee this year are ....






June - my choice as Queen Bee!





I have liked making all these blocks and have learnt lots of new things throughout the year.  We had a wonderful Hive Mama in Audrey from Hot Pick Quilts and I now know lots of lovely ladies in the US who were fellow Hive members.  

We also got together to make a surprise quilt for Audrey whilst she was pregnant ....

which was gratefully, if somewhat tearfully, received!! x


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