Tuesday, 25 February 2020

step-by-step Texture Quilting :: A Book Review AND a Birthday Giveaway!

For the last couple of weeks Tuesday has been a news day around here and today's no exception.  The news to share with you today is that it's my birthday!!  I am having a wonderful day so far and in the spirit of celebrating I am having a giveaway ..... but first the review - you'll want to know what's up for grabs in the giveaway won't you?!

So anyone who has read any of my posts in the past will know of my love for quilting.  Whilst computer assisted quilting has taken up much of my time over the last 6 month my first love is free motion quilting.  And you'll also know I love books so imagine how happy a book about quilting would make me!!

My latest book to review from Search Press is step-by-step Texture Quilting by Christina Cameli.  This was released last year by stash books, an inprint of C&T Publishing, and is available in the UK and Europe from here.  This book covers both free motion and walking foot designs and is a really good addition to any library.

What do I like the most about this book?  Hands down it is the photography.  Quilting is such a visual art and to see great photos of the designs, and also comparisons of the design with just a little tweak, is what really sold this book to me.

The book is divided into three main sections:  Organic Textures, Geometric Textures and Textural Fusion.  Each design within these sections has been photographed in real life and there is also a line drawing showing the stitch path.  I find both of these so helpful in learning a new design.  You can also use them for finger tracing a design that is new to you to start building up that all important muscle memory.

Aswell as a standard, written contents list at the front of the book, there is also a great page opposite that shows the designs in the book and gives the page number they are on.

And, instead of a standard index at the back of the book, there is a photo index - genius!

About the author:

Christina Cameli is an enthusiastic quilting teacher and nurse-midwife.  After being introduced to quilting by her grandmother, she learned free-motion quilting and over the next decade began teaching classes and writing books.  She lives with her children in Portland, Oregon.

So onto the giveaway ..... when I requested this book it was out of stock but I was too impatient to wait so I ordered it myself.  Whilst we were away in New Zealand it arrived at our house so I thought a giveaway for the extra copy would be perfect ..... and I get to share a fantastic book with another quilter.  The giveaway is being held over on Instgram so if you want a chance of getting your hands on this lovely little book head on over and enter.  Good luck!

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Stop Press - News Day!

Wow I have managed to post again with some news, just as I planned, which, for me, is a big achievement!

So what's news this week? Well this is a little late in coming but is no less exciting for me, or other longarm owners who have a computerised system.  Back in January Handi Quilter launched Pro-Stitcher Designer which I have to say really does make me excited and I am not someone who even really like computers!!

Pro-Stitcher has, until now, used Art and Stitch as the digitising software if you wanted to design your own quilting patterns.  I upgraded my machine in August to an Amara with Pro-Stitcher and I had Art and Stitch included.  However, I made a conscious decision not to try to learn that aswell as learning everything about Pro-Stitcher and I had earmarked this New Year to start my digitising design journey.  But then Pro-Stitcher Designer was launched and, once I received my Educator version, I  had to give it a go, didn't I?!

I found the package to be very user friendly and intuitive and not more than 10 minutes later I had a design and a stitch out!!  In my haste to stitch out I just threw a scrap of fabric on top of my other practice piece!

This is a design I could do using rulers but I just love the precision that Pro-Stitcher can achieve and have lots of line quilting running around my head now.

Then for some wavy lines ....

I am going to really enjoy playing with thread build up in some of these patterns.  Handi Quilter recently released a new update to Pro-Stitcher which includes the ability to be able to have Designer installed on the PS tablet and so go between the two packages whilst at your machine - it's going to be so great to use it this way if just a little tweak is required.  Update can be found here - PS Software Update - Beta.

Just to note that this has not yet been released in the UK but when it is it will be available from Pinhole Quilting, date TBC!

*** STOP PRESS ***

Dates have just been released for 2 days of Pro-Stitcher Training, which I am delighted to be teaching, at Pinhole Quilting 
in June 2020.
For further details head on over to the listing ....

Friday, 14 February 2020

ZAKKA from the heart :: A Book Review

Now this gorgeous little book arrived just before we headed off on our travels to New Zealand and it has sat on my desk waiting patiently ever since.  

ZAKKA from the heart by Minki Kim

When it arrived, a couple of days before departure, I had a quick look through it and, in my alternate world where I have lots of spare time, I thought I could make one or two of the projects for our trip.  I hastened out to the studio, picked fabric, found my Annie's stabiliser and even got some zips ready.  Alas it was not to be, and I admitted to myself that it was merely a diversionary tactic from actually having to pack!

That being said I would love to plan to make several items from this book.  I love it when books have an at-a-glance photo page of all the projects in the book ....

So much eye candy but so many useful, as well as beautiful items.  Well that is a loose definition of zakka - beauty in the mundane or as Wiki puts it "everything and anything that improves one's home, life and appearance."  As such you would expect the styling and photography in the book to be nice and it really is.

There are a couple of projects that could top my list of makes.  They are the Roll Cake Pencil Case ....

and the Small Dome Purse ....

Each project comes with a detailed set of written instructions and, more importantly for me, a series of photos.  Whilst I love reading when it comes to making I am a visual learner - one picture really does say a 100 words for me so these are invaluable.  And just look at that cute patchworked sewing machine - what's not to love?!

The other big bonus of this book is a set of full size pattern templates in the back ...... that actually came out along the perforated line neatly, instead of tearing into the pattern!  That aside, I do like to have access to full sized patterns rather than having to print out and stick together.

This book is published by stash books, an inprint of C&T Publishing, and available from Search Press in the UK and Europe - click here to take a look!

I had not heard of the author before so it was nice to read more about her in the author's bio at the back of the book and you can find Minki on IG @zeriano

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Stop Press - News Day!

I often have things to say and then the moment's not quite right and then too much time has passed and then I just don't!  So I thought I would try to make a habit of sharing any news on a Tuesday!  You can also stay up to date with any news by getting my Newsletter - usually once a fortnight - delivered straight to your inbox - sign ups are just over there on the left!

My exciting piece of news this week is .....

Oh and I am so excited!!!!!!

I have worked at the Festival of Quilts for the last three years on Pinhole Quilting's stand, both demonstrating the machines and teaching one on one sessions.  Last year I had the opportunity to be a classroom assistant in the Handi Quilter classroom.  This was the first time they had a classroom at Festival and I was lucky enough to assist some lovely international Handi Quilter Educators, Diane Henry and Denise Best from the States and Sue Pattern from Canada.  I had a blast and learnt so much from them.

This year I will be teaching in the classroom along with some other wonderful ladies ..... more on that soon!

I love the poster for this year's event - it's a gorgeous quilt from Sarah Hibbert, @quiltscornerstone, with fantastic quilting by Christine Perrigo, @ccpquilt  Sarah is having a gallery at Festival this year which I can't wait to see.  If you are planning on going this year I would definitely recommend popping by her gallery - not only are her quilts wonderful she is a really lovely lady!

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Project Finished :: Black & Silver Jelly Roll Race Quilt

I have a finish - ta-da!!  But with Storm Ciara raging outside I have only been able to take photos inside - when I did just go out I could hardly open the back door!

It's been a long time since I have had a finish post so forgive me my excitement.  This is an old WIP that was on my Projects to Finish list and it's my first finish for Finish Along Q1.

I posted a brief history of this one earlier in the year - click here.

I used wool wadding in a quilt for the first time.  I played around with wool as a second layer when I was quilting my Dream Big samples for the workshop I ran in November last year, but I have never used it as the only wadding for a quilt.  I have to say that it quilted up beautifully and has given a puffiness to the quilt that I don't see with cotton.  The hope is that it will also be warmer and if my daughter is correct there's supposed to be a lot of freezing weather coming our way this month!

It feels wonderful to get to cross something of my list and, even better, I think it's already been claimed for a bed! 


Measurements: 49" x 64"

Fabric: Stof Jelly Roll plus various similar fabric from stash

Wadding: Wool

Backing: Makower xtra wide with Linea Texture

Quilted on: Handi Quilter Amara with Pro-Stitcher

Quilting Design: More Square Drama from Wasatch Quilting

Thread: Glide Cool Grey 3 (40wt) on top and Decobob Dove Grey (80wt)

Needle:  Size 18 Groz Bekert

Started: circa April 2017

Finished: 09 February 2020


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