Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Festival of Quilts - a review

For anyone who may have missed the fact, it was Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham last Thursday to Sunday.  I went for three of the days and had such an amazing time.  I spent time:

:: looking at competition quilts

:: looking at quilts from all over the world in the various exhibition booths

:: being inspired by the sheer creativity of people

:: meeting fellow Quilting Bee members and other IG friends

:: stewarding amongst the quilts, AKA being a quilt angel

:: stroking lots of lovely fabric

:: buying some of that lovely fabric

:: buying a few little gadgets to make my life easier

:: just relishing being with so many like minded people!!

For those unable to attend I thought I would share some of the lovely quilts I saw.  First up are all the 1st prize winners in the various categories ....

Vintage Moments
Pieced and bound by Mary Telford
Longarm quilted by Janette Chilver

Sussex Spectrum


New Beginning
Elfriede Grooten


Finding Perspective
Jill Rose Brennan

Kaleidoscope of My Life & Love
Oksana Mader

Ruins 6
Leah Higgins

Paradise in Bloom
Robyn Fahy

This was the first year for this category
Office Doodle 1
Sarah Humphreys

Other Places
Sandra Newton

Sandy Chandler

All That Remains
Jane Bonney

Sea Views J Pennecamp Beach
Malou Cecille Van Draanen Glismann

Obviously it's not all about the winners - without all the people making the quilts and being prepared to show them there would be no quilt shows.  I had an entry in the Contemporary Category and it was very exciting to see it hanging at the largest quilt show in Europe!  There was an envelope attached to the back when it was returned to me on Sunday and there were three judges' comments enclosed.  I was delighted with their comments and whilst I make quilts for me it was lovely to get some recognition on technique and quilting!!

And if you haven't seen enough quilts yet then just keep scrolling for a selection that caught my eye.  I do have further information on most of these quilts if you would like to know more, but for my sanity (and it's getting late) I am just going to put the pics up!

Phew, that was a marathon.  Until next year Festival of Quilts!! x

Monday, 8 August 2016

Stash Bee for August ....

Our Queen Bee in Hive 5 of the Stash Bee asked for improv/modern/wonky blocks in the following colour palette:

She pointed us in the direction of 42 Quilts; Modern Monday and I was away!  This was based on Block 2 Log Cabin and actually does resemble it!

This was based on Block 54 Tumbler and doesn't really resemble it!  But that's what I love you can start with one idea in your head and finish somewhere else completely and it's not 'wrong'!  There are no wrongs and rights and I have found this very liberating.

Then a wonky 9 patch based on Block 13 and Block 26 Cross.  It was interesting because the 9 patch was the hardest do .... it just felt wrong not to cut with a ruler and I found myself  trying to match up the seams!

Then came the real improv .... whilst trimming the other blocks there were little bits cut off them.  Yes, they were little but they could still be used so the following block was born!  I love it.  

I love that the waste I created making the other blocks was all used in this block - genius.  Obviously some of you have long known the joys and benefits of improv piecing but this is all new to me ....... and I have to say that there is now another quilt added to my never ending to do list!

And all together ....

I have to say, initially I found the rust and tan addition a little unnerving but I came around to it and really like the way it looks in these blocks.  In fact I found that I wanted to keep this little selection of blocks to myself but I have now sent them winging their way to the States.  Be prepared to see more improv on here ... I would like to say soon but I have rather a back log of unfinished business to attend to!!


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