Monday, 8 August 2016

Stash Bee for August ....

Our Queen Bee in Hive 5 of the Stash Bee asked for improv/modern/wonky blocks in the following colour palette:

She pointed us in the direction of 42 Quilts; Modern Monday and I was away!  This was based on Block 2 Log Cabin and actually does resemble it!

This was based on Block 54 Tumbler and doesn't really resemble it!  But that's what I love you can start with one idea in your head and finish somewhere else completely and it's not 'wrong'!  There are no wrongs and rights and I have found this very liberating.

Then a wonky 9 patch based on Block 13 and Block 26 Cross.  It was interesting because the 9 patch was the hardest do .... it just felt wrong not to cut with a ruler and I found myself  trying to match up the seams!

Then came the real improv .... whilst trimming the other blocks there were little bits cut off them.  Yes, they were little but they could still be used so the following block was born!  I love it.  

I love that the waste I created making the other blocks was all used in this block - genius.  Obviously some of you have long known the joys and benefits of improv piecing but this is all new to me ....... and I have to say that there is now another quilt added to my never ending to do list!

And all together ....

I have to say, initially I found the rust and tan addition a little unnerving but I came around to it and really like the way it looks in these blocks.  In fact I found that I wanted to keep this little selection of blocks to myself but I have now sent them winging their way to the States.  Be prepared to see more improv on here ... I would like to say soon but I have rather a back log of unfinished business to attend to!!


  1. I really like these improv blocks, especially the scrappy block at the end! 😊 And I love how the rust and tan along with the blues gives it such an earthy, navajo vibe. So great!

  2. Improv is such a funny thing--the first time I had to do improv blocks, I was freaking out! So I love that you took to it so easily and made such lovely blocks! I'm excited for more improv from you. :)

  3. Wonderful improv, I would like to try this exercise. My favorite is the tumbler, and the last block of leftovers!

  4. I love that colour palette and I love your improv piecing. Isn't it cool how the best bits are the leftovers from everything else? Looking forward to seeing if improv has a greater presence here in future!

  5. I love improv as well but like you I have a back log of projects.

  6. Well you nailed that one! I'll look forward to more improv from you in the future.

  7. I've never tried improv but I'm inspired now to give it ago. Generally I like things to be more plannned. I think I'll try a couple of log cabin blocks and dip my toe in the water that way. Just let me add that to my list...

  8. Looks like great fun and really cool colour palette - would not have thought of that!


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