Saturday, 23 August 2014

Living in the here and now ...

I sometimes find it hard to live in the here and now.  The past is always there for comparisons and the future hold untold possibilities.

At the moment I am finding it very difficult due to the fact that I have opened an online shop and a FB page.  Lots of the chatter is about Christmas and already I feel like I am behind the 8 ball with this season.  Isn't that somewhat ridiculous with us still in late summer?  You see I say late summer?  Because although it has been very autumnal this last week I am still hoping there will be a later summer revival!

So I went for a walk this morning.  It is a beautiful clear sunny morning here, although somewhat chilly.  I thought I needed to reconnect with what is actually happening out there.  Right now.  This season that we are in TODAY!

And look what I found ......

So a reminder to myself:  there's conkers to find; blackberries, elderberries, hips and haws to pick; hedgerow jam to make; maybe some natural dyeing thrown in for good measure; and of course the sunshine to enjoy.  Enjoy every last bit of warmth there is in the sun before the seasons really do move on and there is Christmas around the corner. x


  1. Hello and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog (knottedcotton - hooded quilt post). I couldn't reply to you personally because you are a no-reply blogger (happy to help if you don't know what I'm on about!) but just want to say thank you here:-)

    1. Thanks Catherine - didn't know I was a no-reply blogger will have to look into that :) Will definitely put your project on my (ever-increasing) to do list x


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