Tuesday, 7 July 2015

If at first you don't succeed ....

Truly can 4 months have gone all ready?  Where does it go?  What do I do with it?  If I was here more often then I would have a visual memory but I have never found my blogging rhythm again.  Here's to try, try, try again ........

Lots has been happening - college course, sewing, holidays, building work, decluttering, explorations and lots of wonderful Home Ed activities - too numerous to list but tucked away in a little corner of my memory and hopefully the girls' memories aswell!

I was just looking at BlogLovin and saw that the Quarter 3 link up to Adrianne's 2015 Finish-Along is open.  It really inspired me at the beginning of the year but I trailed off after a few finishes.  I am determined to join in again this quarter and as soon as the girls are asleep I will be rummaging around in my newly laid out studio to find all my unfinished bits and bobs.

The warwickshire open studios is on at the moment and I spent a good few hours on the weekend visiting some local artists in the homes around my area.  Such talented people and such beautiful work.  This photo is from one of the shops hosting a group of artists - such lovely angel wings made of metal but they got me thinking about angel wings made in fabric ....... x

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