Saturday, 19 September 2015

Our Home Ed week ....

Home Ed activities are now back in full swing after a break over summer.  It has been a busy week with me trying to catch some moments in my studio when I can!  Our week looked something like this ...
Literature - starting on Gothic Literature in a lovely group taken by a wonderful Home Ed mum in her house
Science - followed on from Literature, starting on cells and specialised cells
Workshops at St John's Museum in Warwick, the Victorian schoolroom and the Victorian Laundry
Lunch and play at a friend's house
Lining up to go outside for Drill

Drill in the gardens

A non tactile demonstration of the cane!

Scrubbing detachable shirt collars

Using the dolly to agitate the washing in the dolly tub

Folding up the washing as it comes through the mangle - far quicker than Miss C thought!
Girls first session at the local Home Ed sports session in nearby town
Visit to my Mum
Tap dance lesson followed by singing group
Monthly Home Ed club recommenced after summer break with a circus skills workshop and some great face painting by another mum

A rare shot of both daughters!
And to top it all off the Rugby World cup started!!!!

A healthy dose of Lego interspersed these activities along with reading, listening to music, watching Little House on the Prairie (season 2), knitting, crafting .....

Phew - what a week.  I think next week's shaping up to be just as varied! x

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