Friday, 2 October 2015

To The Right Quick March!

Finally I can take part in the Finish it up Friday linky over at Crazy Mom Quilts because I do actually have a finish - hooray!!
To the Right Quick March!

When I started this project I thought it was going to be for the schnitzelandboo mini quilt swap over on IG, but it's now going to be a challenge piece.  I recently joined the Quilters' Guild and then found their Modern Group facebook page over here ..... Well one thing led to another and I find I am now a member of the Modern Group aswell!  This makes me laugh in some ways because I don't really label myself or my creations ...... in fact this is only the second 'modern' quilt I have made (the first being Straight Line Bow).  It's also the first mini quilt I have done but definitely not the last.

It's funny because as I was working on it the triangles were always oriented with the coloured tip at the top ...

It was only when I came to sew on the hanging sleeve that I realised there were four positions it could be in.  I turned it through 360 degrees and much preferred the triangle pointing to the right.  Decision made and the name 'To the Right Quick March' flashed straight into my head - wonderful!  I still have to make and sew a label on and then get it in the post tonight. x


  1. I love how this turned out, the triangles just pop and the colors a super fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How nice to find another modern quilter in Britain! I love the finish on your quilt and congratulations on a Friday finish too,
    Kind regards,

  3. Oh I just love this. Isn't it funny how quilts just seem to decided what THEY want to be? Such a great name, too. Fabulous Friday finish!
    (The first swap mini I made I couldn't decided how it should be hung so I put little triangle "holders" on each corner and the let recipient decided. I've since spotted it on IG hanging in her sewing room. She has it hanging the way I would!)

  4. And what a finish - it's absolutely incredible, especially the quilting :)

  5. Very nice. Never seen triangles scrappy pieced. I like!

  6. Love the texture and design. A great challenge piece.


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