Wednesday, 20 January 2016

2016 Finish Along - first finish!

I have my first finish from my list for the 2016FAL.  I have plenty more to finish but I am always excited by the first finish!
I was recently sent a box, anonymously, with lots of fabric, blocks and tops in.  The sender was donating it for Project Linus and I have recently become a local co-ordinator and so was very appreciative of all the material goodness inside.
This cute little top was just folded up in there waiting to be turned into a quilt.
I used some yellow sheeting fabric I had on my shelf for the backing and the wadding was a hi loft polyester that I happened to just have enough of ... no idea where it came from.  Due to its loft it has made a really fluffy quilt which is very touchable!

The backing is rather unforgiving and trying to do arcs of a circle freehand is pretty hard!  However, the overall effect is fine and hopefully this will soon be bringing comfort to a child who needs it.

And as for the other things I was working on last week:

- the Harry Potter cushion cover has not been touched, other than to move it from place to place!

- the Bee blocks are all done, you can see them here if you like

- the canning jar block from the Farm Girl Vintage is now pieced.  It's not perfect but ..... if I started unpicking  all the time the quilt would take years to finish so I'm going with it!

- but the project that has been taking up most of my time is longarm quilting my first customer quilt.  It has been a very exciting, nerve wracking and frustrating experience which is almost over and then I can show you the results!

I am linking up with Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts and Lee at Freshly Pieced today. x


  1. Beautiful finish. Also doing the 2016 FAL and finished a quilt top onto the quilting. Thankfully, I only put 3 items on for the first quarter as I know what I am like, so this should be do-able.

  2. You have been very busy! Love your canning jar blocks. Such happy fabrics! Looking forward to seeing the quilting on your customer quilt. Wow!

  3. I love the little quilt you finished, and all the poof it has!

  4. ooh exciting quilting for a customer! I really like the quilted versus unquilted areas in the baby quilt.

  5. What a great little finish with that donated quilt top. it's very pretty. I'm also interested in seeing the customer quilt.

  6. Lovely baby quilt. Nice pattern :)

  7. Great little finish. Freehand arcs of circles are not easy and I think you did a great job with them. Just finished my first two customer quilts so can relate to all your feelings. Look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  8. Lovely soft colours and design! Thank you so much for participating in the Finish-A-Long, on behalf of the 2016 hosts!


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