Monday, 11 January 2016

2016 Finish Along - Quarter 1 ......

I played along a few times in 2015 with the Finish Along hosted by Adrianne from On the Windy Side.  It was great motivation to get things finished ...... and blogged about!
Quarter 4 finished up on New Year's Eve and I did pretty well, by my standards.  I had put a rather optimistic 20 on my list at the start of October and by the end of December I had finished 12, 2 were no longer required, 2 were worked on but not yet finished and 5 were not even touched!!  So there are going to be some roll overs and some new projects for the first quarter of 2016.
Here it is - my list for the Finish Along 2016, Quarter - publicly stating my intentions in the hope that it will motivate me to get some finished!
1. Harry Potter cushion - for my niece's birthday at the end of January.  There's one that will definitely get ticked off the list!  UPDATED 26/01/2016 - this was finished earlier in the week but only given today!!  If you would like to see it finished pop over here.

2. ATC on the theme of Winter Comforts.  This is for a swap I signed up with over at Very Berry Handmade.  Again deadline is end of January.  UPDATED 25/01/2016 All done and posted to my partner - see the final product over here.

3. My Secret Valentine Challenge.  This is my local quilting club challenge and is an anonymous swap - all will be revealed at the second February meeting.  No pictures yet ..... because it's SECRET!!  UPDATED 12/02/2016  Now finished and posted - read all about it here!
4. This quilt is being rolled over AGAIN :(  It was made in the first Quilting Bee I was part of and I really want to get it finished.  I think I have now had enough practice on the longarm machine to quilt this as I would like.  Fingers crossed for this quarter!

5. Project Linus bargello quilt - another project being rolled over!  This is for the PL Coventry group and I would like it finished so I can deliver the last 3 quilts I have quilted for them, in order for there to be time to do quilts for my PL group in Warwickshire.  UPDATED 07/02/2016 - this has been done for some time but I forgot to put up a post about it!  Here it is .....

6.  Project Linus House Blocks - another project being rolled over!  These blocks were collected from Festival of Quilts and need to be pieced together and quilted.

7. My studio blind didn't get touched last quarter ...... so here it is again!

8. A quilt for my daughter - initially she was having one for her birthday in September which didn't happen.  Then we finalised a design and she was going to have it for Christmas .... umm that didn't happen either.  So this really is a MUST FINISH.

9.  All this needs is a neck strap and waist ties .... surely I can get that completed?!  UPDATED 03/04/16 finished finally and blogged finally over here!

10.  My mini quilt for the Rainbow Mini Quilt Swap Round 2.  I am still undecided on the final layout for this quilt but it doesn't have to be posted until the end of February so I still have time to play.  This is one option.  UPDATED 09/03/2016 - this is now finished, although not in this layout!  Head over here to see the end result.

11.  My version of the Rainbow Mini Quilt Swap for me to keep!!!  This is the other option.

12. Crocheted hexagons!  What to do with these?  I made them years ago when I was back over here on holiday from New Zealand. I loved them.  Certainly didn't have enough wool for a blanket so they just sit there.  What to do with them?

13.  A small quilt top from a box recently sent to me as a donation for Project Linus.  I need to quilt and bind ready to distribute.  UPDATED 24/01/16  This little project is now all done, see over here.

14.  Another quilt top, from the same box, donated for Project Linus.  Again I need to quilt and bind.  UPDATED 20/01/16  All finished, head over here to take a peek!

15.  A Christmas top already pieced, from the same box of donations for Project Linus!!  Yet again it needs to be quilted and bound ready for distribution.

16.  In November I went along to a quilting day for Project Linus that was organised by Joy Edgington.  It was held at The Cotton Patch studio in Hall Green and we longarm quilted all day!!!!  There was one top leftover so I bought it home.  This just needs to be quilted and then returned to Joy for another volunteer to bind.  UPDATED 29/03/16 - this has now been quilted ready to hand back to the PL co-ordinator - see here.

17.  Italian Houses - this was started in October 2015 at a workshop with Gillian Travis.  It had to go on the shelf for a while because I didn't have the right blue for the sky ..... but now I do and I would so love to see this finished.

And this list doesn't even include the bees I have signed up for, the Farm Girl Vintage blocks that I aim to do each week, the show quilts I plan to make and of course all the other wonderful things I get tempted to try from seeing them on blogs, pinterest and IG!!! It's going to be one busy quarter but I am sure it will be a while load of fun! x

I am signing up over at Mrs Sew and Sow, although this year there's a whole group of global bloggers hosting the event.


  1. As a lover of long lists, this one is truly epic. I wish you luck, and I can't wait to see your finishes! :)

  2. I too have 17 on my list! I look forward to seeing your finished Harry Potter cushion and rainbow minis :-)

  3. Lots of lovely projects to keep you busy - really love your pretty crochet hexagons!


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