Thursday, 4 February 2016

Through a camera lens ...

Whilst over at Whims and Fancies recently I saw her post about The Wandering Camera.  It made me think about my own pictures and photography ...... or lack thereof apart from what is taken with iPhone!
So on Saturday I decided to take my 'proper' camera into town and take a walk.  The weather was cold but sunny and I had a wonderful time. 

Part of a lock mechanism on the canal

What I loved about the couple of hours I was wandering was that I saw things I have never noticed before - who knew how many locks were between Stratford upon Avon and London?

And then onto the theatre.  I have noticed all the patterns on the building every time I pass and this time I had my camera to take some shots.

I see lots of quilt designs when I look at these photos ..... oh if I only had more hours in the day.  And talking of quilts, I thought these square cobbles really showed the difference between whether square blocks are set square or on point.

Thank you Soma for reigniting a passion of mine.  I look forward to taking more photos and showcasing them here for the linky party once a month.  Head over here to join in the linky party or just to see some other photos!


  1. Amazing patterns in the different brickwork. I'm always looking for things that remind me of letters and numbers. I'm visiting from Wandering Camera.

  2. ooo, really love that canal lock picture!

  3. There is an architect and a bricklayer somewhere who obviously had a love of patterns! What beautiful brickwork. The date of reopening the canal is my brother's birthday, even down to the same year. cool It's nice to wander with the camera, and I'm enjoying this link-up party of Soma's very much.

  4. I find I see things quite differently when I am thinking about photos: it definitely helps to focus in on detail and on pattern.

  5. Lots of inspiration around you, I love your photographs!

  6. Fabulous textures - love the doors and the bricks.

  7. It was a great day out with your camera. Stratford is one of our favorite places to visit so thank you for the journey around town too. I have always enjoyed Soma's photos and look forward to her camera series.

  8. These are fabulous photos - love all the different designs in the brickwork.

  9. I definitely see a lot more when that I am out with my camera. These are such interesting photos. I enjoyed seeing me very much. Thank you for sharing them and linking up. I look forward to seeing your next set of photos :)


  10. Great photos and great inspiration! Thank you for sharing them.


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