Sunday, 8 May 2016

Me-Made-May 2016 - Week 1

I was almost too late to jump on the bandwagon that is Me-Made-May, #mmmay2016 over at So, Zo ... What Do You Know? but I am so glad I made it.
I don't have a wardrobe full of handmade clothes but I have more than I thought, if I include bags and accessories.  Some of them I haven't worn or used for a long time others I use a lot and forget that they are hand mades!
So a recap of Week 1, which I have been detailing over on instagram:

01 May
pyjama trousers
self drafted pattern
made from vintage sheeting and vintage Laura Ashley fabric for trim

02 May
crocheted bracelet decorated with various beads and sequins

03 May
nothing to show here!
04 May
crocheted bag
designed by me
made from 100% cotton yarn, Rico DK if I remember rightly

05 May
a feathered ruff - part of a dressing up costume for my daughter
made from a repurposed shirt collar and various sparkly 'feathers'
for more information, click here

06 May
handstitched skirt
from a pattern in this book by Alabama Chanin
made from jersey knit bought in an op shop in New Zealand

07 May
another pair of pyjamas
self drafted pattern
made from vintage sheeting

So you can see I didn't manage every day but it has got me thinking ....... a lot!  About what I wear, where it comes from and how I really need to do some making for me!  I have a couple of dressmaking projects on my FAL2016 Q2 list so fingers crossed there will be some new clothes on my horizon!

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  1. Ooh, this is exciting! You've done really well! Go, go! :)


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