Thursday, 7 July 2016

Quarter 3 - Finish Along 2016

Are you ready for another epic list??  I finished 14 out of 25 last time so why not go large again ..... In fact sometimes I think it's not about the actual finishing, although that is wonderful, but, for me at least, it gives me a chance to reflect and take stock.  It also means my studio gets a really good sort through and rearrange each quarter.  Without further ado here it is ....

Rolled over from Q2:

1.  Studio Blind - I really want to get this finished ... especially before the nights draw in and the cold returns!

2.  EPP hexagons - not touched - but I do think I know what I am going to do with this now!

3.  Crocheted hexagons - having asked for some advice on IG I now have a second plan for these, and bought provision this morning!

4.  Italian Houses - this was started in October 2015 at a workshop with Gillian Travis.  It had to go on the shelf for a while because I didn't have the right blue for the sky ..... but now I do plus I have the wadding for inside.   Now all I need is the time!

5.  Pears - from a workshop with Gillian Travis.  This will be made into a wall hanging.

6.  Hearts for Project Linus - in the new year I put a call out for heart blocks for Project Linus and lots came in.  It's now time to get these made up into tops.  I'm not sure how many there will be in the end!  UPDATED - this is done - click here for the finished post.

 7.  A Christmas top already pieced, from the same box of donations for Project Linus!!  Yet again it needs to be quilted and bound ready for distribution.  Maybe if I keep adding it to my list it will be done in time for Christmas!  UPDATED - this is done - click here for the finished post.

8.  Back to Front - this started life as a pieced backing but had a life of it's own!  With a little bit more work it will become a quilt of it's own, probably for my niece.

9.  Maia's quilt - back to 2nd plan - feathers - background fabric sorted - let's get this one done!!

10.  What was Maia's quilt - not sure what to do with this but thought if I got it off the shelf it may be finished in some shape or form!

11.  The start of a birthday bunting.  One like this was on my list this time last year - I did finish it but my sister in law liked so much I gifted to her - which left us without one!

12.  Rainbow Rose - this was started in June as a QAL and I now have to decide how to finish it and quilt it.

13.  The Stash Bee quilt

14.  The Siblings Together Mini Bee quilt  UPDATE - this is completed click here for finished post

15.  The Bee Hive quilt

16.  Project Linus - this was made by my daughter for Project Linus.  I now have quite a lot of smaller quilts to distribute so I think I will add some borders to increase the size and then quilt and bind it.  UPDATED - this is done - click here for the finished post.

17.  This quilt was made by a local Home Educators group for Project Linus.  I am going to quilt and bind it for them.  UPDATED - this is done - click here for the finished post.

18.  These Polaroid blocks were leftover from my Say "Cheese!" quilt and I am going to put them together to make a small quilt for Project Linus.

19.  A Christmas quilt - whilst it is really early for me to think of Christmas I would love to have this finished for this Christmas so if I get it on here now it might just happen.

20.  These couple of blocks were made when I first tried my Quick Curve Ruler and rather than let them sit on the shelf I am going to turn them into something!

21.  This panel was an impulse buy at the Festival of Quilts last year and whilst I like it I have no idea what to do with it.  I have decided to just go head and get it cut and then inspiration my strike.

22.  My Favourite Colour - this was a challenge run by Popular Patchwork for show at the Festival of Quilts.  The design is made and fabric has been chosen so I really need to get this started and finished quickly!  UPDATED - this is done - click here for the finished post.

23.  A gift for a friend who is turning 40 - obviously no picture here because it's secret!

24.  This is a challenge piece for the Modern Group of the Quilters Guild - "Black and White plus One"

25.  Make a Caravan Tote - pattern by noodlehead

There you have it.  Fingers crossed there will be lots of finishes this quarter.  I am linking up with the Finish Along over at Mrs Sew and Sow but the hosts are all over the globe this year.


  1. Hooray for epic lists! I love it! Good luck to you, and I look forward to your finishes!

  2. Good luck with your epic list. You've got lots of fun projects to work on.

  3. Do you ever sleep woman😀 huge list, but sure you will conquer it. For your challenge number 21, I am working on a baby quilt using a panel of baby pics. I will post a pic on IG later, I just did. Little log cabin type of thingy 😀 mixed with squares to make it quick and easy. Hugs xx

  4. Wow that is a massive list. It would take me a whole quarter to just put that kind of list together.

  5. Wow....that is an amazing list. Good luck.

  6. I like that you aim high! The Stash Bee quilt looks fabulous!

  7. Nice are going to love the Caravan Tote. I use mine so much, I've practically worn it out!

  8. And I thought my list of 7 projects was a lot! Love all of yours ~ good luck this quarter!!

  9. Wow, I can't believe you had 14 finishes last time. you are amazing. If I get three done I consider myself lucky. I look forward to seeing your finishes.

  10. Holy OMG. I have no words expect Wow that is quite a list. good luck. Hope you make a big dent in it.

  11. OMG! This is more than I do in a year - in fact in 3 years. Your output is amazing.

  12. Good Lord! You will have to multi-task like an octopus to get all this finished! Love your QCR blocks and love the colours in your hexagons.


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