Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Dachshund Cushion No 2

My youngest daughter is also rather partial to dachshunds and, with her birthday being just a month after my eldest, it only seemed fair to make her a dachshund cushion aswell.  My eldest received this one here.

This pattern is also by Juliet at Tartan Kiwi (psst she has 25% off her patterns until 31 December 2016 if you use code Happyholidays2016) and was lovely to make - even though I was somewhat apprehensive about some of the tiny pieces.

For the first time whilst paper piecing I bothered to get my light box out and it made such a difference.

I worked through each section and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they came together.

It was lovely seeing him come to life ....

.... but not so lovely seeing his backside when he was complete!

He was at this stage for a while before I was able to get a big enough cushion inner.  He finishes at 20" and I didn't want to lose much of the background otherwise he looked a bit funny!

Finally all finished and gifted ..... just a little late!

This is another finish on my 2016FAL - Number 5 on the list.  I really need to check on this list.  I know I haven't made great inroads on it but I think there are a few things that I have done but not yet posted about - nothing like the end of the quarter to get you motivated!

Linking up to Let's Bee Social over with the lovely Lorna!


  1. So cute. Glad he came together so well. Hope you have had a lovely Christmas.

  2. So cute. Glad he came together so well. Hope you have had a lovely Christmas.

  3. Gorgeous Abigail...😀 Well done xx

  4. I don't think I've made great inroads in my Q4 list either...I just adore your doxie! Or as Julie at Pink Doxies calls them with love, wieners. She has two. Good to know on the 25% off! I got her lion on her last sale. I am making a dog (à la the lovely Lorna) cushion myself right now! Great fabrics you chose for yours.

  5. This is fun! I'm sure your daughter loves it!

  6. Super cute! Your daughter is going to love it.

  7. I'm not really a doggy person , or cat lady come to that , but I do love this . I'm sure your daughter did too

  8. What a cute dachshund pillow!! Your pillow turned out beautifully!


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