Sunday, 30 April 2017

Where did April go?!

Following up from my 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop post I was really interested to read how quilters get their dinners made.  There were some who prepped ahead and made double batches for the freezer - mostly pasta sauces, lasagna and casseroles.  There were those like me who end up at tea time with no idea what to cook, takeaways and ready bought meals also featured.  What came as a surprise to me was how many many husbands do the cooking in a quilting household!!

Made at sewing day for a member of a travelling bee group

I was very lucky to win a prize in Week 2 of the Blog Hop - a 6 month subscription to Make Modern magazine.  My first edition is released on 06 May and I am really excited to have won this.  There are two more weeks on the Blog Hop so be sure to visit some of the bloggers and the three wonderful hosts who are running the giveaways!

This week features my Hive members:

Diane at Cwilt

April has gone very quickly indeed.  Of course, 2 weeks were Easter holidays and it was strange getting into the rhythm of having the girls home every day - it just shows how quickly we adjust to new situations!  I didn't get much time in the studio - I think I have been spoilt by having uninterrupted time whilst they are at school that I didn't want to make do with the odd 10 minutes here and there!  I had one day sewing with a group of local ladies.  We have only just recently started to meet and I have missed the last 3 months so it was such a pleasure to sit and sew and share food in wonderful company.

I learnt how to spin/pop seams aswell - which I have tried several times with no joy.  I used this tutorial from Adrianne from On the Windy Side which I read about in Snowy Days Quilting.  This was a new to me blog when I started the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers group and it's been wonderful getting to know Bobbi.  And the resulting pinwheels ....

 There is something very good for the soul to sew with others and make for others. x


  1. Your pinwheels are coming along wonderfully. I really like that strawberry block, too. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Somehow I missed your question about meals. I work full time outside the home but I love to cook and quilt. I generally make two things on the weekend that can be broken into individual servings for both of our lunches the following week or later. I'll also prep ingredients for two meals that we can enjoy for two dinners. Stuffed baked potatoes are always a last minute meal. I buy a pre-cooked (and sliced) brisket at Sam's and break it into smaller servings. I freeze these. We can eat the brisket as it or chop it for potatoes. We're rarely without at least one soup in the freezer and things like spaghetti and meatballs get frozen also.

  3. There really is something good for the soul when you make for others. I missed the cooking question, too! I tend to premake lunches for the week on Sunday, which so,vets most of my troubles as I sew during the day and stop when my husband gets home from work. He does a fair amount of cooking for us, though... he's skilled in the kitchen and I would be crazy to not let him cook. :)

  4. It is a great experience to sew with others and for others. Especially if you can do both at the same time. There is something special about creating with friends.
    I struggle with the cooking thing, so I will have to go back to your post and check out the comments.

  5. Congratulations on your prize win. What a great prize. Love your strawberries. I don't know if I told you but my husband does almost as much of the dinner making as I do.

  6. Nice prize! G does most of the cooking in our house too - glad I am not alone!

  7. I'm with you, April went way to fast. You've made great progress with your pinwheel's. Here's hoping things slow down a bit for May.

  8. SO true on the something good for the soul. I know it. Love those happy pinwheels, yet another possibility for a charity quilt for H2H flies into my head... Don't I know it on the routine and the 10 min here and there, but that is all I've had over the past month-plus. Oh, soup recipe is coming out in the next post which should be in a few hours if I get one 6" block walks call, you know...BARK! (them and me)

  9. I'm lucky that hubby does about half of the cooking here. Although, since I work from home, I often get started whatever he is going to make so he only has to finish it once he gets home. It gives more time together in the evenings. I notice a lot of pink in the pictures of the blocks you posted. Spring came late here, so we're just now enjoying the pink popping up in the yards.

  10. I love the pinwheels, I tried pinning the page for the tutorial (because I really want to learn how to do this!) but ended up pinning your page instead :D I will just make a note that it contains the pop out video! thank you for sharing this! its super helpful.


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