Thursday, 11 July 2019

40 Shades of Red :: A Challenge Exhibition

As part of The Quilters' Guild Region 11, I was eligible to enter into their challenge "40 Shades of Red" which was to help celebrate the Guild's 40th birthday this year.  I thought I would share a few of  the quilts with you.

Red Moon by Jill Exell ....

The initial exhibition was held at The Weaver's Gallery in Ledbury at the end of May, but I was unable to see it. Luckily it came more locally to me and I was able to see it a few weeks ago in Ullenhall Village Hall.

  Crazy Red by Katharine Guerrier

I was surprised at the number of quilts that were hung and had a lovely hour or so taking it all in.

 Celebration Flowers by Jenny Hall

The challenge was to create a quilt with a predominantly red theme.  There are so many reds and it was wonderful to see so many used in these lovely quilts.

 Red Arrows by Ruth Dobbins

No two were the same, in fact there was huge variety on show, but the theme of red pulled it all together and made for a cohesive exhibition.

The Red Brick Road by Ann White

All different techniques were used ....

Lesley Conning 

And the sizes were all different ....

Red Sails in the Sunset by Amanda Wright 

I think my favourite was this one ....

They Threw Me A Curved Ball by Sheilagh Webb

but then it could have been this one ....

I forgot to get the title of this one but it is by Karen McIlwraith

or maybe I surprised myself and went with this very traditional Storm at Sea ....

Up The Reds by Jane Johns

You see, how can you ever choose just one?  I would definitely recommend taking part in challenges if you ever can.  They make you think outside of your comfort zone and that deadline date is always a motivating factor!

And my quilt?  Well mine was the smallest ....

This is called Improvisationally Red.  Yes, I was one of those sending it in right at the last minute and a name really escaped me!  This was my first foray into improv piecing and I love the result.  I realise I never shared any progress pics here so I will do another blog post all about this little beauty.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos! So many pretty quilts, but I'm very excited to see yours and then to read that it's your first improv (isn't it fun?)! How cool is that. I love your quilt, and I think you did a great job for your first quilt. I hope you'll be making more!


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