Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Finish Along 2015 - Quarter 4

So I have updated and entered my finishes in the FAL Q3 link up party over at On the Windy Side.

My Q3 list had 10 projects on - I finished and linked up 4 projects.  Not such a great number but I have a very good excuse reason - in the middle of July I got my new to me longarm machine.  Of course I couldn't neglect it so I was practising a lot, quilting a fair few Project Linus tops and of course making and entering my first competition quilt, Straight Line Bow.

So here's my list for Q4, which I am linking up here.  It is ambitious but as some of these WIPs have deadlines I know that I will at least tick some off my list:

1.  This is a must finish .... it is for my daughter's birthday next week so no excuses here.  It also only needs the binding so it's a quick and easy project to check of my list!  UPDATED 29/10/2015 - this has now been made, gifted and included in a Blog Hop!!  Pop on over to see it here.

2. This Project Linus quilt top was on my Q3 and is rolled over to Q4.  I managed to get the borders on but not quilted.  UPDATED 09/11/15 - finished at last .... only 6 months in the making!!  See the finished quilt over here.

3.  This quilt is also being rolled over from Q3.  It was made in the first Quilting Bee I was part of and I really want to get it finished.  I thought this would be one of my first projects on the longarm machine .... but then I realised how much there is to know.  I will quilt a few others before this to ensure I know what patterns to use and also maybe use some ruler work.

4.  This is a fabric pull and a pattern, talked about here (and it's not actually progressed since then!).  Goal is to cut, piece, quilt and bind - so a whole quilt then!!

5.  This is my first time joining up to an IG swap.  This is for the Schnitzel & Boo Mini Swap. The posting date is 02 November so again no excuses for not getting this one finished.  UPDATED 23/10/2015 This is finished, extras made and blogged about here.

6.  These two blocks were the first ones I made from the Dog Gone Cute pattern.  They were supposed to be made into something for my daughter's birthday in September - whoops!  A bag of some sort I think ....  UPDATED 02/01/16 - this was made in time for a Christmas gift and blogged about over here
7. Advent Calendar No 1 - I bought this in January 2008 .... enough said - it needs to get made and on the wall by 30 November 2015.  UPDATED 30/12/15 - this was done in time for Advent but just not posted until a month later!!  Head over here to see it finished.
8.  Advent Calendar No 2 - my daughter saw this panel (in the same shop that I bought the other one from!!!) and loved it so this is a Mum and Daughter project, again to be finished and on the wall by 30 November 2015.  UPDATED 30/11/2015 - done just in time for Advent - read all about it here

9.  The deadline on this one is 31 October - a hooded cape for my youngest daughter's Hallowe'en costume.  I have never sewed such slippery material before so will have to attempt this ahead of time.  I was just going to make up a pattern but whilst clearing up my studio today I happened to pull this magazine from a while pile of 1970s craft magazines.  When I flicked through I saw this pattern - 'Cosy capes from blankets'!  UPDATED - this isn't finished, in fact it never got started ...... my daughter changed her mind about her Hallowe'en costume and we had everything to hand - no sewing at all for me!

10.  Hexagons started circa 2010.  I made a little bag for portable sewing and they got lost in the subsequent 3 moves!!  I have been looking for a sewing-on-the-go project so will pick this one up.  To make into a cushion cover.
11. I have long loved these blocks so I finally treated myself to the book and have been getting the background fabric ready.  When I got the book in July I thought I would have a whole quilt done by this Christmas.  I am now scaling back those plans to a cushion cover or wall hanging!  UPDATED 03/01/16 the project was not quite what I imagined but it is finished - take a look over here
12. Finish off these juggling bean bags and drawstring bag to keep them in.  This is a birthday present for my daughter next week! UPDATED 09/10/15 - completed project can be viewed here.
13.  This is in its 3rd incarnation.  I originally made it as a blind  for our bathroom window in NZ, when we moved I altered it and it became the blind for another window and it's now needing to be altered again to become a roman blind for my studio in the UK.  Don't you just love patchwork?!!
14 - 17.  I have a rather large bag full of pieced tops and backing fabric which I have volunteered to quilt for Project Linus.  I would dearly love to get them all done this quarter because I know this group donate these quilts in December.   Fingers crossed!

UPDATED - 10/11/15 No 14, top left hand quilt, is now finished, head over here for more details

UPDATED - 08/11/15  No 15, the cat quilt, is now quilted and off the frame.  Pop over here to have a look at it ...

18.  I picked up these Project Linus house blocks from the Festival of Quilts.  I need to piece and quilt this.
19.  Another Project Linus project!  I started piecing these blocks at the last sewing day I went to.  It's now time to sew them together and get it quilted.
20.  And last, but not least, a little one ...... My daughter made this at the beginning of the year and was never sure what she wanted it to be.  She now knows she wants it to hang on her wall so all I need do is bind and attached hanging corners - easy finish!  UPDATED - 30/10/2015 Finally this little puffin is finished and up on a wall, pop over here to see it.
And there you have it.  I did say it was ambitious.  Have I bitten off more than I can chew?  I'm not sure yet!!  But there is certainly something motivating about stating your intentions publicly to ensure you work hard at your goals!!



  1. I am impressed with the number of WIPs on your list; good luck with your goals!

  2. I agree that listing several projects can be motivating. It does feel pretty good to tick them of the list. I love the dog blocks I had wanted to join in on that stitch along but told myself no. I love the projects I have seen so far using those blocks. I wish you the best and you work on your list. Happy sewing.

  3. This is the biggest list I've seen so far. Good luck! I love your puppies.

  4. This is some list! I totally agree with you, putting a list together for this FAL is very motivating! I joined for the first time last quarter, I was amazed at how motivating it is to get those projects ticked off the list. Good luck, you can do it! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress over the quarter. :)


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