Saturday, 14 January 2017

2017 Finish-A-Long Quarter 1 - my list

Just in the nick of time I have managed to clear and tidy my studio and make my list for Quarter 1 of the Finish-A-Long.  Some are rolled over, some are new but all I would like to finish.

1.  Moving this right to the top of my list because I want to make one for me - a Caravan Tote.

2.  A Happy Birthday bunting - it's my birthday next in the family and I would love a bunting up having given away our other one.

3.  Turn these crocheted hexagons into somthing - the item in the background is very rigid interfacing because I am thinking a bucket/basket type thing!

4.  Radiance Wholecloth design challenge - everything about this is new to me and rather scary at the moment but hopefully it will all fall into place.

5.  My Bee Hive quilt from 2016 - all pieced, backing ready just need to get it quilted.

6.  My daughter's Feather Quilt - quilting and binding to be done.  Need to work our quilting design and get this done ..... hopefully first or second up.

7.  My Christmas Quilt - which I was sure was going to be keeping me warm right now but with the change of plans our family had this went by the wayside.  Quilting and binding to be done.

8.  Quilt this gorgeous quilt made by Susan at Canadian Abroad for Siblings Together.  UPDATED - this is finished and can be seen here

9.  Back to Front quilt - finish top, quilt and bind.

10.  Turn these spare blocks from my Polaroid cot quilt into a small quilt for Project Linus.

11.  Quilt this sample from a Gillian Travis workshop I took last January :(  UPDATED 21/02/17 this is now finished and if you head over here you can have a look!

12.  Make another Lighted Houses piece from an Anne Hellyer workshop - it didn't get made in time for Christmas so I had to gift the one I made for me!

13.  Turn this sample from the Cloud 9 New Block Blog Hop into something - wall hanging or cushion.  UPDATED 22/02/17 - this is now finished and you can read all about it here!!

14.  Turn these two blocks from the Bee Hive into a cushion.

15.  Turn this sample from the Cloud 9 New Block Blog Hop into something - wall hanging or cushion.  UPDATED 23/02/17 - this is finished and blogged about here

16.  Decide what to do with this!  It was a jelly roll race quilt I started making for my daughter, before she changed her mind.  The top is actually finished but as she doesn't want it anymore I'm not sure whether to cut and re-use the fabric in something different - any ideas?

17.  Make this block into a cushion cover.

18.  Make this block into a cushion cover - I am either super early or rather late!  My tutorial to make this block can be found here.  I felt rather ashamed because other people who used this tutorial had their cushions all finished and in use for Christmas whilst mine languished in my studio.

19.  Christmas Tree wall hanging - do you see a theme here?!!  I am going to be well prepared for this Christmas!

20.  Finish making these samples from trying the Quick Curve Ruler into pouches - one down, one to go.

21.  Fabric pull and design inspiration for a Charley Harper themed mini swap.

22.  Rainbow Star Mini No 2 - to re-create a mini I made last year for a swap which I loved, and begrudgingly sent to my partner!!  I've thought about it for almost 12 months so figured I need to scratch that itch!  UPDATED 16/02/2017 this is now finished and blogged about here 

23. Rainbow Star Mini No 3 - whilst playing around with EQ7 I came up with similar but different design and I would like to see how they compare in real life.  I am sure I can find a recipient for one of these once they are made.

24.  Finalise my Union Jack flag pattern and get it out there!  It is so close, what's really stopping me is the technical side required to convert to a .pdf but hopefully I will now be able to concentrate and get this done.

25.  Quilt this Beatrix Potter embroidery quilt for my Mum.

26.  Back this quilt for Stratford Hospice for Project Linus.

27.  Make pyjama bottoms for my youngest - I am hoping that the pattern I drafted last summer will still fit and I just have to make the legs longer.  NO LONGER REQUIRED!!

28.  Liberty and linen Easter/spring bunting to be made.

29.  Actually finish this Granny Square blanket - it is sooo close, it just needs ends darning in but it's been at this stage for over 4 years ...... admittedly it was packed up in a box when we returned from New Zealand and I have only just unearthed it!  UPDATED 20/02/17 - finished and in use!!!  Blogged about here.

So that's it.  Not exhaustive but a pretty good reflection of my WIPs and UFOs.  I still have other projects to work on this quarter and some learning to do on EQ7 so I would say that I will be rather busy!  Hope you have linked up all your unfinished project and I look forward to seeing your progress and finished over the next three months.


  1. That's a long list but many of them seem nearly done so I hope you manage to get lots of finishes :) The Beatrix potter quilt is adorable!

  2. Phew! What a long list. But I see you have progressed many of them already so finishes aren't too far off. I love the Christmas wallhanging design, it's very pretty.

  3. Holy crap woman, are there 3 of you? 'not exhaustive' a list...I'm exhausted reading it! Ha, but I know you'll zip through probably all of it, or nearly all if the squirrels don't grab you, ha!

  4. Wow you've got quite the list!! Good luck with everything! :-)

  5. Good grief - this would take me year, or three! I know, though that you have a stupendous work rate so I'll look forward to seeing loads of finishes.

  6. Great list, Abigail! Good luck with everything!

  7. Good luck! I'm excited to see the finishes you roll out this quarter! :)

  8. Wow Abigail....that is quite a list! But some of them are not that big just finding the time to sit down and get it done. So many wonderful projects. Good luck, looking forward to seeing your finishes. Hugs, Heide

  9. Wow so many wonderful things going on at your house! You can knock off a few of these for sure!

  10. So many of these are this close {} to being finished! I'm sure with the right motivation you can get through some of these. Good luck! I can't wait to see those rainbow star minis come to life. They look ADORABLE!

  11. That's a pretty significant list! Good luck with all your projects, you've got some very cute ones in there.

  12. Wow! That's quite a list! I particularly like your crochet hexies - gorgeous! Good luck. Jxo


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