Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Weekend - 03/04 February .....

has been spent with half the household being ill, one recovering and one unscathed!!   I am one of the ill and so have not been making anything at all.  Although I have been playing with EQ7, planning some projects, and ordering some fabric - well what's a girl to do when she's ill?!

I have been playing with my Churned to a T block from the 2016 Cloud 9 New Block Blog Hop.  I drafted it in EQ7 and then played with lots of different layouts .....

This is the original block that was made four times and joined together to give the 12" block required:

My original layout idea had the blocks oriented like this:

One of my pattern testers put hers together another way, by rotating each 1/4 block 180 degrees:

And another layout:

A full quilt layout:

And in a different colourway:

It is so quick and easy to change placement and colours so I had another play:

Having thought about purchasing EQ7 for over a year I am absolutely delighted to now have it AND be using it!!  Whilst I had played with different layouts with physical blocks I made I would never have come up with all these layouts with the use of the computer.

The quilt I have actually decided to make from this block is this one:

I am using Kona Solids in graphite, cerise, gumdrop, cyan and bahama blue and it should end up single sized.  This will be my first time making a quilt with so much negative space and also the first time I have made a quilt that is fully planned before I start!  I have the foundation papers printed and even plan to cut all my fabric at the start.  I'll let you know how all those plans go!  I hope your weekend has been a lot more fun than mine. x


  1. I love your plan!! All that negative space! Can't wait to see it sewn up! :-)

  2. What a fun layout to pick; it looks like a fancy box wrapped up with ribbon and a bow.

  3. Oh, I love the layout you chose! So lovely! It will be exciting to see this come together. Also, Kona Cerise is so yum!

  4. Hope the household as recovered. It's miserable if it ends up making the rounds of the entire family. Love the final layout. I love EQ. It's rare that I make a quilt without doing some mock ups in EQ first. It's so much nicer than cutting fabrics and making trial blocks.


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