Saturday, 3 January 2015

A passport to the world ...

They already possess two real passports so did they really need another one?  

Well I was feeling very inspired tonight after spending some time reading through a Facebook Group called Passport Round the World.  I travelled quite a lot before getting married and having children and have inspired the girls to want to do the same.  For now it's from the comfort of home, which is currently in the UK, and so I thought I would make these to record the countries that we 'go to'. Having both UK and New Zealand citizenship in real life made me merge the two passports for a hybrid World Traveller version.

I vividly remember doing a project on New Zealand when I was 7 and having to take a suitcase into school on the day I 'flew' out.  My teacher, Miss Parker, was fantastic - she was the check in lady, the passport control and the air hostess.  Everyone waved me off as I set off on my journey ....... to the corridor outside the classroom!  The Home Ed community online is such a source of  inspiration and information that has fired me up for the New Year.

All that's required now is the first destination ... x

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