Sunday, 12 July 2015

Finish-Along 2015 - Quarter 3

I have decided to take part in the Quarter 3 Finish-Along over at On the Windy Side.  I have lots of things that need to be finished so hopefully this will motivate me to get them done - and hopefully see lots of other people's projects getting finished too.  My unfinished projects contain quilts, cushions and crochet items.

So the list is as follows, in no particular order but just needing to get finished:

1 - This is relatively new and was pieced in a day at my first Project Linus day.  Still requires borders, quilting and binding

2 - Another charity quilt top needs quilting and binding - UPDATED - this is now done!  Take a look here ....

 3 - These blocks were started in 2012 when I was over here on holiday from New Zealand.  Not enough to do anything with so the plan is to make another 2 and join up into a small square quilt - UPDATED - this is now done!  Take a look here ....

4 - This is my oldest WIP and dates back to 2010!  It originated as part of my first ever Virtual Quilting Bee, The Anzac Bee, were I asked all my swap partner to make hearts.  I love it but never knew how to quilt it.  I am determined to now get this finished.

5 - For the last two years when my eldest daughters birthday has rolled around in September I've reached for the birthday bunting ...... only to remember that I left it in NZ!!  Still some work to do - all letters for birthday to be cut out, stitching around each letter and putting on the binding.  UPDATED - this is now done - take a look here

6 - I started this one year when I was on back here on holiday.  It travelled back to NZ just as hexagons and was sewn up over there.  Then travelled all the way back to UK to sit on my shelf!

7 - Triangles cut from vintage cloth to make bunting but never got finished last summer UPDATED - this is now done!  Take a look here

8 - I made up a pattern to use an old jean leg as an apron - got this far and never finished it.  It only needs a waist tie and neck strap.

9 - 6 1/2" squares cut from vintage floral sheets for a quick and easy picnic blanket ..... just not so quick!  I have another stack .... somewhere.  Hopefully I will come across them this quarter and get the whole quilt made.

10 - An upcycled denim bib - it looks done but the neck is just too small for any baby.  I drafted the pattern from a bib we had and need to make adjustment to paper pattern and unpick and redo physical bib.

And I think that's quite enough to be getting on with! x


  1. I like your denim projects!

    1. Thanks Julie - I love to re-use things and especially denim.


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