Wednesday, 18 November 2015

WIP Wednesday - and there's lots of it!

So there has been some progress since last week ...... The pockets I had cut from the Advent Calendar panel have now all been attached and it is pinned to my design awaiting quilting.  I have a couple of ideas rumbling around my head for this .....

The tissue box blocks (as I call them!) have now been pieced together and are also waiting for quilting ....
And my other WIP from last week, which was my extra four blocks from my Schnitzel & Boo Mini Swap, are now finished and on my wall.  I think I will be linking that up to Finish It Up Friday!
Being loaded up on my frame this morning is yet another Project Linus top.  This was hiding in the bottom of the bag so it was kind of a surprise to find it!

And three others already to go with backing and batting cut to size ....
There is another Advent Calendar on my ironing board.  My youngest daughter assured me she was going to make this herself but with 30 November fast approaching she politely asked me yesterday whether I could make it for her!

And then there is something completely new and completely different ....

Old clothes + dye + curtain fabric = ????
Can you guess what it might be? 
All will be revealed over the next couple of weeks - the deadline for this project is 04 December!! x
Going to be linking up to Sew Fresh Quilts and Freshly Pieced today.


  1. Am well intrigued by your last project - will be following for updates! Looks like a busy time in your sewing space!

  2. LOVE that first pocket advent piece! I would love to one day learn how to quilt on a long arm. I quilt on my home machine and it can be quite overwhelming for large projects so the pieced tops just continue to pile up until I work up the courage. :) LOL! Happy sewing!

  3. Love the advent calendar! I need to pull my most recent one out too. And I'm thinking I need to make a couple more. Glad you posted this to remind me!

  4. Looks like a fun bunch of projects to work on and keep you very busy!

  5. Your "tissue box" top looks so cheerful. It will give a lift to its recipient, for sure! Hmm. NO idea what you will be doing for your mystery project - guess I'll have to wait and see. *tap, tap, tap, tap, tap...* (I'm not good at waiting, so please hurry up! Ha!)

  6. So many fun projects in the lineup! It will be quite interesting to see what you are up to with those dyed clothes and curtain it heavier than quilting cotton, then?

  7. You have been busier than a bee! Looking wonderful.

  8. You have been busier than a bee! Looking wonderful.


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