Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A new table ....

Last week I was gifted a new table for my studio.  It is retro/vintage IKEA, depending on your definition of those terms, and was bought over 30 years in Geneva.  The kind lady who passed it on to me just didn't have room for it anymore so it now resides in my studio.  I, in turn, passed on the table that had been standing in its spot.  You know the saying 'out of sight, out of mind' well my old table and a wooden work box were hiding a multitude of sins underneath, ie an outflow soil pipe chased into the concrete.  But no more, my husband got straight to it and filled the offending hole and pipe with concrete and will stain it to match the rest of the floor at the weekend.
The table is height adjustable which means it is now the perfect height for cutting, which will save my back any undue strain.  For now though it is wobbly, so until the floor is all finished it houses all some of the things I have to do .....

From left to right: a new project using Polaroid blocks with fussy cut 'pictures'; red fabric waiting to be cut into skinny strips to add as a border to my daughter's black and grey quilt; a strippy purple heart awaiting the binding; a tutorial for a Bee Hive block which I am testing out because I am Queen Bee in my hive in March; 3 pieced tops which were made by home ed children last Friday which will go to Project Linus; my scrappy rainbow stars for a mini swap which desperately need to be made into something; my Kona FQ bundle from Lorna which I now have two ideas for; circle blocks in the making for a FB group swap and last, but by no means least, some hearts blocks which are coming in the post again for Project Linus.
Linking up over at Lorna's blog for Let's Bee Social .....


  1. A perfect table that can be the ideal height, wonderful. I like a slightly taller one than dining table height for cutting, and to pass on the other one, great idea, every one a winner.

  2. That's nice to see all you projects on the go at once. You can pick and choose and not forget. I'm scared if I did the same thing, I'd have to use the table, couch, bed, chair and hallway! Nice table BTW.

  3. Wheh, I can breathe a sigh of relief that I am not the only one with so many projects going on. Congrats on your new sewing table... it really makes a difference when you have the proper work space to spread out. Looks like lots of fun projects in the works!

  4. How nice to have a new table, and adjustable too! It's already filled I see but that happens to me as well so I can relate.

  5. I have lots on the go, like you, but my table looks nothing like yours (ie it's a horrendous mess).


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