Sunday, 21 February 2016

Feathers everywhere ....

Last week I went on the HandiQuilter Advanced HQ18 Avante at the Cotton Patch.  I actually did the Beginners course before I bought the machine because I had to satisfy myself that it really was going to do what I thought it should!  The support and follow up education has been a real bonus of buying this machine. 
So my samples from the day include feathers, feathers and more feathers.  Oh the versatility ...... they can go in borders, they can fit in squares, they can fit in triangles and circles ..... oh I am seeing feathers everywhere!

Working feathers around a corner border ....

Dividing feathers ....

Feather wreath in a circle ....

Feathers on leather ....

This was remarkably easy and didn't even require a needle or tension change.  You need to go a bit slower than normal (and I am a fast stitcher) and have breaks more often because the leather causes the needle to heat up.

When I got home I thought I would have a look at my older practice pieces ....


and a feather done in the early days .... definitely some improvement there!

I have had such fun on this longarm journey so far and met so many lovely people.  I am really glad I have started quilting and blogging again and look forward to many years to come!


  1. I love your feathers, especially the ones going round corners and in triangles. They've always been one of my favourite quilting designs (when I look at other people's work, I hasten to add).

  2. I love the work on the leather! The feathers do look amazing. It is nice to hear about the good post-purchase support. That seems to be rare.

  3. Great work. I'm with Kaja-love looking at them on other peoples work! I have been drawing feathers lately but suppose I hesitate to quilt them for fear they 'won't look right'! have a little quilt loaded that is crying out for them so time to jump in.

  4. Beautiful! My feathers are still in the disaterous stage- I love yours and have hope!


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