Monday, 11 April 2016

2016 Finish Along - Quarter 2

I have really enjoyed playing along with the Finish Along again this year - it really does motivate me to get projects finished and there's always a finish in there that goes back a looong time!
I recently linked up all my Quarter 1 finishes and now here's the rather long list for Quarter 2 ....

The rolled over projects first:

1.  ANZAC Hearts - is being rolled over AGAIN :(  It was made in the first Quilting Bee I was part of and I really want to get it finished.  I now have an idea for how I am going to quilt it and just need to order the thread.  Fingers crossed for this quarter!  UPDATED - finished 14 May 2016 - read all about it here

2.  Project Linus House Blocks - These blocks were collected from Festival of Quilts and need to be pieced together and quilted.  UPDATED 17/06/2016 - this is now finished and blogged about over here.
3.  My studio blind didn't get touched last quarter ...... so here it is again!
4.  My version of the Rainbow Mini Quilt Swap for me to keep - I loved the mini I made to send off in the swap and am determined to have something similar in my studio!  UPDATED 28/06/2016 - this is now completed .... but in a totally different colourway!  Head over here to take a look.

5.  Crocheted hexagons!  I now know what I am doing with these and actually bought the cushion inner last quarter.  Have to decided exactly how they will become a cushion cover and make it!
 6.  A Christmas top already pieced, from the same box of donations for Project Linus!!  Yet again it needs to be quilted and bound ready for distribution.  Maybe if I keep adding it to my list it will be done in time for Christmas! 

7.  Italian Houses - this was started in October 2015 at a workshop with Gillian Travis.  It had to go on the shelf for a while because I didn't have the right blue for the sky ..... but now I do plus I have the wadding for inside.   Now all I need is the time!

8.  EPP hand pieced hexagons - this is going back a long time.  I finally got them all pieced the quarter before last but then shelved it again.  This quarter I am going to make it into something!

Project Linus items to finish:

9, 10 & 11  These tops were pieced by some of my regions Young Quilter's and were given to me by their teacher.  These need quilting and binding.  UPDATED - 03/06/16  You can see the completed quilts here, here and here.

12, 13, 14 & 15  These tops were pieced at a local Home Ed group - the children enjoyed choosing the fabric and making the tops .... with a little bit of help.  They also need quilting and binding. 

UPDATED 03/06/16  No 12 this is now completed and can be seen here.

UPDATED 13/06/16 No 13 this is now completed and you can read about it here.

UPDATED 15/06/16 No 14 this is now completed and you can read about it here.

UPDATED 16/06/16 No 15 this is now completed and you can read about it here.

16.  Hearts for Project Linus - in the new year I put a call out for heart blocks for Project Linus and lots came in.  It's now time to get these made up into tops.  I'm not sure how many there will be in the end!

And onto new projects started since January:

17.  Pears - from a workshop with Gillian Travis.  This will be made into a wall hanging.

18.  Say Cheese! This requires quilting and binding.  UPDATED - 13/05/2016 All done - head over here to have look!

19.  Should I Stay or Should I Go? Lots to do on this yet ......  UPDATED Finished on 16/05/16 - head over to the final reveal post!

20.  Back to Front - this started life as a pieced backing but had a life of it's own!  With a little bit more work it will become a quilt of it's own, probably for my niece.

21.  The alternate quilt for my daughter - having decided she didn't want a bloack a dn white (when it was half finished) we have, together, decided on a feather quilt.  This is a very new project so will probably roll over into next quarter but if it's on my list it's on my mind!

22.  Purse for my daughter - she has requested a zippered purse with a pocket for her library card - I think I can oblige!

23.  Bean bag for my other daughter - the calico inner has been made for a while now but not the outer.  It really doesn't take long so must get this ticked off!  UPDATED 30/06/2016 - finished this morning just in time!  Head over here for the finish post.

Dressmaking projects:

24.  Summer top for me

25.  Pyjama trousers for youngest daughter - in vintage sheeting to match mine!  UPDATED 13/06/2016 all done and being worn - hooray!  Read all about them here.

Phew that's my longest list yet!!  Even if they don't all get finished, which in truth I probably won't, it has at least clarified what I want to make in my mind.  Dressmaking has taken a real back seat lately and I would love to get back into the habit of making clothes for the girls ... whilst they still want them!
Are you playing along?  There are still a few days left to get your list made and link up.  I am linking up at Mrs Sew and Sow - hopefully see you there!


  1. Very brave Abbie. I'm not sure I'd go public with my WIP list. I know what you mean about dressmaking. I put all craftwork down yesterday and today sees me making items for my hols. Good luck with your list and let me know if I can help with any of the Project Linus work x

  2. Wow, you are going to be busy lol. Love how structured you are with your list. I have UFO's I have completely forgotten about. 😀😀 and I am so busy, they may have to stay 'forgotten' lol. Xx

  3. I LOVE those Italian Houses. SO adorable! Good luck with all your goals.

  4. That polaroid quilt is amazing looking. The 'Basic Grey' fabric works like a charm as background fabric.

  5. That is a huge list! I love the colours of the Back to Front quilt: I'm not surprised you promoted it.

  6. The Polaroid quilt is fantastic! I can't wait to see it finished!


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