Sunday, 29 May 2016

Brave Quilter - May challenge

At the beginning of May I signed up for the first time to #bravequilter over at Pink  Doxies.  My challenge was:
my goal is to try making a block using curved piecing, with my Quick Curve Ruler
It's taken until the second to last day of the month but I have completed my challenge!!!  Drumroll please ....
I watched the videos on Sew Kind of Wonderful's site, over here, found my QCR lurking under a huge pile of fabric and set to.  It worked, it was so easy, I sewed a curve and without pins!!!!  Can you tell I am rather excited?

To ensure it wasn't a fluke, I made a second ....
Then I got all ahead of myself and started piecing more curves together ....

I'm not a big buyer of rulers and gadgets but, after seeing what you could do with a Quick Curve Ruler on the web, I decided to purchase one.  I bought the ruler last November and was so excited to unpack it but then it got put on the shelf, covered with other things and time marched on.  Why do some things take so long to try?  I love the look of all of the quilts I have seen made with the QCR and am so happy that it worked just like promised.

Due to the fact that I signed up to #bravequilter I knew I would retrieve the ruler and try it out this month.  With that in mind I treated myself to a book at Quilts UK the other week and am now even more excited about diving into one of these projects.

Is there any one ruler you would recommend or can't live without?  I would love to know. x


  1. Your curves look amazing! We have one of those rulers circulating in our family and maybe one day I will get to play with it! I am not very adventurous with rulers and just stick to the regulars. I would like to try the half square triangle ruler where you square up the HST unit before pressing it open.

  2. I'm glad to hear the curves went together so easily. Your blocks look perfect and I love the fabric choices. I have a couple of square up rulers, one at 6" and one at 16 1/2", they're great, and I have the hex'n'more ruler which is multi purpose as it's name suggests, and I have a set of drunkards path templates. I do love a good ruler and that's not the end of my collection but I couldn't decide on a favourite!

  3. I've been thinking about that rule for awhile now. Your curves look great. Two rulers that I love are the Bloc Loc and the Quilter's Sidekick.

  4. Congrats on mastering a new technique! That's an accomplishment! Will you be making a quilt with the blocks you showed in this post?

  5. Well done! They look like perfect curves to me!

  6. Wow. What an inspiration. I have yet to try curves myself. I think a friend gave me some curvy rulers, I will have to pull them out to see what they actually are. Maybe I can be brave too. :)

  7. Curves. Yet another thing I need to work on. Great work, and congrats on getting your Brave Quilter project done! I can't wait to see what else you create with the ruler.

  8. Oh Wow! You are the quick curve queen, Long may you reign, well done, it's great.

  9. I think we've done the same thing. I got the same ruler just last fall, and have had it out to play, but no projects. I've used the curve in a few pieces where it was good to have a gentle curve, and a better choice to use a ruler than just free hand. I'm going to follow closely to see what you think of the book. I think there's a whole lot of potential with projects using curves, and as Kate said above, "You are the curve queen now!" I'm so proud you leaped into unknown territory, and became a #BraveQuilter! Thank you for linking up.


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