Sunday, 12 June 2016

Rainbow Rose Quilt-A-Long - Week 2

So after selecting my fabrics last week, it was on to cutting and piecing the middle sections of the rose this week.
I was still having difficulty figuring out which fabrics would go where, so this morning I thought I would lay them out on my studio floor.  Having them laid out like the hours of the clock really helped me visualise the colour wheel better.

Finally, I thought I had something to work with ....

I am now much happier with the transition from yellow through chartreuse to green and then to teal ....

The middle sections have HSTs which are made by cutting a square in half first before joining the pieces.  It recommends you use starch to try to reduce the distortion from working on the bias.  I have never used starch when piecing before but gave it go.  Whilst I wouldn't choose to use it because I really don't like the smell it did give good results and with a little trimming the HSTs were a perfect match for the squares.
I bought a 4 1/2" square up ruler at Malvern recently and so had the right tool for the right job.  However, I did find it slipped a bit so I applied a bit of skater's tape to two corners and it made it much easier to use.  Once the tape is applied it does mean you can't slide the ruler over the block to find the right cutting position.  For me, the stability I gained whilst cutting outweighed not being able to slide.  Also with these rulers I have found that it is great to be able to use both hands to cut because then there is no re-positioning the block and ruler whilst trimming!

And the finished blocks .... I thought I would go with a white background but I have used made a quilt with a grey background so decided to take this opportunity.  The background fabric is Moda Marble in light grey.

Photos were taken outside just before the rain started again ....

I am linking up to Modern Quilters Ireland this week and have the chance of winning a fat quarter bundle.  There's still time to join in if you fancy!


  1. I like your fabric choices, especially the reds - so deep- and the marbled background add some kind of drama to it all))

  2. Interesting how we (meaning you, Yvonne, and me) have photographed our blocks in the same orientation! I have yet to link up as I have yet to write a post, but I will. I like the circle you did...should've done that with mine! I did a line, but brought some at the top end to the bottom to see how it flows. We shall see!

  3. I love the fabrics you have used in your version. There is lots of fun movement here. The marbled grey background fabric is very nice indeed.

  4. Gorgeous collection of fabrics - i really like the grey for the background - looks so soft and perfect against your colour choices!

  5. Wish I could join in. I am loving what you are doing in this challenge. But I know my limitations. I have too many other things happening at the moment. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the view!

  6. Beautiful choice of fabrics, you've did a great job of getting a balanced color wheel. Looking forward to seeing this project come together.


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