Saturday, 2 July 2016

June in review

It's July already ..... wow!  I just looked back at my May round up post and it states:

There were definite signs of Spring and a few days of glorious sunshine, which could have fooled us into thinking the weather was improving, she says typing this looking out a cold, grey, wet first day of June!

which is somewhat ironic because today is the second day of July and it is a cold, grey wet day aswell - oh the joys of a English summer!!

Yesterday I posted about my Quarter 2 finishes which goes a good way to seeing what I have been up to in June.

Bee News

Annah in The Bee Hive, Swam Anneliese, requested Wanta Fanta blocks in blues and white and so I made her these ....

The mini bee for Siblings Together has now finished in terms of monthly block making but I did manage to get my blocks pieced into a lovely top.  This is now near the top of the pile for quilting and sending on to Nicky.

I was Queen Bee in the Stash Bee, Hive 5, and was very excited to choose this block.  Checking the post throughout the month has been such a wonderful thing and what lovely blocks landed on my door mat in June.  I am soooo in love with this!!  It is definitely not going to languish on the shelf and I hope to be sitting underneath it when we light our first fire of the season!

Making News

The damson gin made last September was almost finished ....

whilst this year's elderflower cordial was made!

I took part in the Rainbow Rose QAL ....

and now have to consider how I am going to finish and quilt this ....

In Home Ed news we have:

:: visited a Hindu temple - which was amazing and so colourful

:: meditated with a Buddhist monk at a Hermitage - which was the most at peace I have felt in a very long time

:: visited the National Trust property at Packwood House - which was cold that day!

:: continued with piano lessons - which the girls are loving and it is wonderful to hear them play

:: saw an Oddsocks production of Much Ado About Nothing - which was fantastic and very funny

:: learnt about the history of the EU - which was fascinating (and did an old jigsaw of Europe!)

It was my turn on the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop aswell which was great.  There's still another 2 weeks to come so keep an eye out and try to get to meet some of these lovely new bloggers.  I asked people for their book/author recommendations and got loads ...... I compiled a list and yesterday started reading the first of many from this list.  Which leads on to the books I have read in June ....


July, yet again, will be busy.  As well as the usual things we get up to we will also receive our shipping that's been heading over the seas from New Zealand.  It's supposed to dock in Tilbury tomorrow but quite when we can expect to see it I am not sure.  It's going to be wonderful to see all our things from NZ but quite where it's all going to go I'm not sure .......

I have also signed up for another mini swap and a round robin style travelling quilt bee which should be great fun.  I am in the middle of compiling my new Finish Along list too which will hopefully be up tomorrow.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and to those of you in the States enjoy your Independence Day celebrations! x


  1. Your June looks beautiful from here! Your bee blocks are stunning together, and it will be fun to see how everyone finishes their Rainbow Rose QAL quilts. :)

  2. What a productive June you had! Love all of your bee blocks!

  3. June was very busy for me....but not in a quilting way until yesterday that is. You on the other hand have gotten a lot done. I love the colours in the Wanta Fanta block. Your stash bee quilt is beautiful, as is your Rainbow Rose.

  4. You've had a great June. The month really zipped past, but they all seem to be that way these days. We're still waiting for our summer temps here too, but I don't think we are as chilly as you are.

  5. A very productive June. Hopefully you'll see a few days with blue skies and warm temps in the next month.

  6. It looks like your June has been extremely productive! And it was filled with much color, which is always good for the soul. Here's to warmer weather and an even more productive July.

  7. You have such a great workflow and produce some beautiful quilts. Congratulations on winning the Brave Quilter award this month.


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