Friday, 1 July 2016

Quarter 2 Finish Along - the Finishes

Quarter 2 of the Finish Along finished yesterday so I thought a round up of my finishes would be very appropriate to link to Finish it Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.

My list was long this quarter, head over here to see it in its entirety, with 25 projects on it.  So without further ado here are the finishes:

1.  ANZAC Hearts - FINISHED - blogged about here

2.  Project Linus House blocks - FINISHED - blogged about here

3.  Studio Blind - once again this didn't get touched .... I will definitely roll this over into Q3 because by the end of that quarter the nights will be drawing in again!

4.  Rainbow Mini Quilt - FINISHED but it headed in a very different direction - blogged about here

5.  Crocheted hexagons - I thought I knew what I was doing with this but actually when I got round to trying it I didn't like it ...... I still love the hexagons but not quite sure what to do with them, there's about 20 so if you have any ideas please shout!

6.  Christmas Project Linus top - not touched - will roll over into Q3

7.  Italian House - not touched - will definitely roll over and prioritise this in Q3

8.  EPP hexagons - not touched - but I do think I know what I am going to do with this now!

9.  Young Quilters Project Linus - FINISHED - blogged about here

10.  Young Quilters Project Linus - FINISHED - blogged about here

11.  Young Quilters Project Linus - FINISHED - blogged about here

12.  Young Quilters Project Linus - FINISHED - blogged about here

13.  Young Quilters Project Linus - FINISHED - blogged about here

14.  Young Quilters Project Linus - FINISHED - blogged about here

15.  Young Quilters Project Linus - FINISHED - blogged about here

16.  Hearts for Project Linus - to be rolled over into Q3

17.  Pears wall hanging - to be rolled over into Q3

18.  Say Cheese - FINISHED - blogged about here

19.  Should I Stay or Should I Go - FINISHED - blogged about here

20.  Back to Front- rolled over to Q3

21.  Eldest daughter's quilt - the saga continues .....another mind change, on her behalf,  but this will definitely be a Q3 project with the hope that it will now be done by her birthday at the beginning of September.

22. Purse for my daughter - this is no longer required because my eldest daughter gave my youngest daughter her old purse

23.  Bean bag - FINISHED - blogged about here 

24.  Summer top for me - not touched and having had such a bad summer weatherwise so far I am not sure quite what to do about this!

25.  Pyjama trousers for my youngest - FINISHED - blogged about here

So at the final count 14 finished, 1 no longer required, 9 to rolled over and 1 not sure about.

I will be going through my studio again this weekend and will then have all the projects that will make it onto my Quarter 3 FAL List!  Are you taking part?  It really is a great way to get motivation - not onlt for finishing but just to take stock and actually see what you have got started - you might surprise yourself! x


  1. Wow, so many finishes! You must be feeling so good. There are so many lovely ones, it's hard to Should I Stay or Should I Go, and the story that went with it. The Project Linus quilts are for such a good cause. Good job you! Say Cheese is so whimsical, and I especially like the Polaroid Camera block. The aqua was a good choice of background. Love, love, love the Romeo and Juliet quilt. It's a masterpiece, and so inspired! Project Linus House is adorable, and Anzak Hearts is so lovely. That's a wonderful fabric palette!

  2. Holy cow, that is a LOT of finishes for this quarter! Love that so many of them are going to such a great cause. I also saw a ribbon on your polaroid quilt. It's adorable, especially with the addition of the camera. Great job on getting so many projects done this past quarter.

  3. That is a pretty impressive list of finishes for the quarter. I think you deserve a huge pat on the back. And I think it is awesome that so many of them are going to Project Linus.

  4. Your list is always so amazing to me at the beginning of the quarter but your list of finishes at the end is just jaw dropping!! And your projects are all so beautiful! Congrats on a very productive quarter! The Anzak Hearts and the Say Cheese quilts are my favorites! :)

  5. Dude! That's amazing! Well done!

  6. Wow! I don't know how you do so much in a quarter, on top everything else you have going on in your life too. Well done Abigail, it's maybe time I go more organised.

  7. Congratulations on all of your great finishes! I only managed one out of six for quarter 2 but have high hopes for Q3!

  8. You've accomplished a lot! I particularly like Should I Stay or Should I Go.

  9. Oh wow!! I am in completee awe of your productivity and of all those lovely finishes!! I've finished one quilt this year and it's taken me a year and a quarter in the making!

  10. What a good quarter you had! I still like Should I Stay or Should I go, and always love a good pair of pjs. As for the summer top, I wouldn't be rushing to get that one done!

  11. Gosh you got a lot done! Still love your polaroid quilt!!!

  12. That is amazing and impressive! Well done. :)

  13. That is crazy amazing! Wow!

  14. Brilliant round up of projects! It must be great to look back on all that and check off those projects from your list.

  15. You finished better than half of your list. That's pretty impressive.


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