Tuesday, 2 August 2016

July that was ... and my OMG

July was a month that I would rather not dwell on .... so apart from my Bee Blocks:

a quatrefoil block for Patty in the Stash Bee - this is the third time I have made this block this year but I love it ... this quilt in the colours she chose is going to be sensational!

a double star block for Kirsty in the Bee Hive, actually this was for August but because of holidays we were given instructions early and I got to it because .....

 the July Queen in the Bee Hive had also chosen this block!!!

This block was designed by Christa Quilts and the tutorial can be found here.  Contrary to what you may think this block comes together easily and pretty quickly.  I was really surprised but it uses the fast flying geese method which I had never used before and it's great!

and my books (top left - easy read picked from a book swap shelf, top right recommendation from Ruth at Charly & Ben's Crafty Corner which made it onto my book worm list, bottom left seen on a friend's IG feed, bottom right booked picked for initial book club meeting):

I am going to move swiftly on to August!!

To that end I am going to state my OMG intention and link it up to Red Letter Quilts:

My OMG for August is to make 5 blocks for my Summer Sampler quilt.

It was only because I had linked up for the first time in July that my first block was made. Admittedly it was just under the wire but I would never have sat up that late and done it otherwise and it's got me eager to get some more made!

Bring on August - more sunny days, family staying and lots of sewing!! x


  1. Well, your first block was beautiful, and it got done. Here's to a great August and 5 blocks of Summer Sampler!

  2. I love the yellow and grey blocks. Those will make a great quilt.

  3. Congratulations on finishing your July blocks and good luck with your August goals. Here's to a better August, friend!

  4. Love the blocks and I enjoyed the minaturist

  5. Very pretty blocks! Good luck with your August goal!

  6. Those are lovely bee blocks. I particularly like the bee block in solids at the end. Looking forward to seeing your Sampler blocks

  7. Those blocks are so beautiful! They would definitely be fun to make. It sounds like you have a great hive to belong to. Have a great August!

  8. I am also looking fwd to seeing more sampler blocks! reading and sewing: sounds like a great month!

  9. How wonderful your bee blocks turned out! If you want to make some more Double Stars, I am happy to enlist you - ha ha. I was Bee Hive Queen in March and it was my block too. Now I need to make some more to bring up the number for the quilt top =)

  10. Love those blocks! I have been wanting to read The Miniaturist

  11. Your blocks are fantastic! And good luck on completing your August goal!

  12. What a fab collection of blocks - you are always so productive! Good luck with August's goal. It's also interesting to see what you are reading; I loved the Earthsea books, though it is a long time since I read them.


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