Monday, 20 February 2017

A week of finishes (again!) :: Day 1 :: Granny Square Blanket

As some of you may have seen before there can be quite a while between finishes being blogged about here and then suddenly there is a flurry.  Well it's happening again - I have just totted them up and I have a week's worth of finishes so thought I had better get them written about!

First up, No 29 from my 2017 FAL Q1 list, is a crocheted Granny Square Blanket.  All this needed were ends darning in - why did it take me so long to do?????  Well there is a reason for that ....

This was started at least seven years ago, when we lived in New Zealand.  Blankets, of any sort, were a necessity for me in New Zealand because none of our houses had central heating and I really wanted a woollen crocheted blanket for warmth. 

At that time we lived inland in a place called Feilding and had a bach at Waitarere Beach.  We had no TV connected at the bach and certainly no internet connection so I decided to have a hand project on the go for when we were three.  The local town had a great wool shop and so I decided to make a Granny Square blanket - no pattern to forget if it was a long time between visits and I could decide when it was big enough.

Fast forward a few years and we left New Zealand within 3 weeks after a house sale completed and things were put into storage.  (Although why it wasn't finished before then I can't quite remember!).  That storage returned to the UK last July and I was reacquainted with this blanket.  It was so lovely to sit for a couple of evenings in the New Year and remember the times when I was working on the squares.  There really is something to be said for 'slow work' - it does imbue the article with history and a story before it is even finished!

So it now resides in our lounge and is giving the warmth that I had hoped it would - I just no longer need it on my bed!


  1. This is beautiful and it's awesome that you can finally use it. There's nothing like finishing a super long-term project! :-)

  2. Very pretty. Love the rich colors with the dark background. Congrats on getting another UFO off your to do list.

  3. It is beautiful and congrats on getting it done! Congratulations on the finish, on behalf of the 2017 global Finish-A-Long hosts.


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