Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Crochet and baking ....

I haven't crocheted for a few months now due to the fact that my hands and thumbs have been very sore this year.  However, when I saw Helen's (from Archie the Wonder Dogpost on IG this morning I felt compelled to make some flowers.

There was a call out for #aflowerforjenny on Instagram a couple of days ago .... if you click here there's a great blog post relating to this.  It broke my heart reading about what this family has gone through and the courage 19 year old Jenny is showing whilst planning her own funeral.

So if you crochet or knit or can make pompoms maybe you will consider making some very soon and send to Jenny.  I have just read an updated IG post and they are already inundated with pledges so do not now need anymore!!  How awesome is this community?!!!

Today is also ANZAC Day when Australians and New Zealanders around the world remember the fallen in Gallipoli.  My girls will be happy when they come home from school to find ANZACs in the tin!  It was very strange to be baking on my own and not have the girls asking for a 'lollipop' - ie a spoon full of raw biscuit mixture!

This is the recipe I use (posted to a very old blog of mine!!) and I did just have to try one that broke as I transferred them to the cooling tray - delicious!

Life can be so fragile and can be ended way too soon for some people.  I often tell people I love "I love you!" and I will continue to do so a very regular basis.  Lots of love heading out from me to you aswell!!


  1. Archie the Wonder Dog is one of my favorites on IG. What a lovely thing to do for a young girl who is going through so much and I, too, am so pleased with the outpouring of the quilting community. I've never had an Anzac biscuit, so I might have to try your recipe! Wendy at piecefulthoughts@gmail.com

  2. All you can so is show you care, it will mean a lot.
    Your biscuits look delicious, I saved the recipe, thank you.

  3. Its been a while since I made some crochet flowers. I was in a B&B last weekend and they had a nice crochet blanket and I started one years ago and did nothing with it - really should pick it up again. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Such a sad reason to pick up the hooks again, but it's good they had such a wonderful response. Hope the girls enjoyed their treats.


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