Friday, 14 February 2020

ZAKKA from the heart :: A Book Review

Now this gorgeous little book arrived just before we headed off on our travels to New Zealand and it has sat on my desk waiting patiently ever since.  

ZAKKA from the heart by Minki Kim

When it arrived, a couple of days before departure, I had a quick look through it and, in my alternate world where I have lots of spare time, I thought I could make one or two of the projects for our trip.  I hastened out to the studio, picked fabric, found my Annie's stabiliser and even got some zips ready.  Alas it was not to be, and I admitted to myself that it was merely a diversionary tactic from actually having to pack!

That being said I would love to plan to make several items from this book.  I love it when books have an at-a-glance photo page of all the projects in the book ....

So much eye candy but so many useful, as well as beautiful items.  Well that is a loose definition of zakka - beauty in the mundane or as Wiki puts it "everything and anything that improves one's home, life and appearance."  As such you would expect the styling and photography in the book to be nice and it really is.

There are a couple of projects that could top my list of makes.  They are the Roll Cake Pencil Case ....

and the Small Dome Purse ....

Each project comes with a detailed set of written instructions and, more importantly for me, a series of photos.  Whilst I love reading when it comes to making I am a visual learner - one picture really does say a 100 words for me so these are invaluable.  And just look at that cute patchworked sewing machine - what's not to love?!

The other big bonus of this book is a set of full size pattern templates in the back ...... that actually came out along the perforated line neatly, instead of tearing into the pattern!  That aside, I do like to have access to full sized patterns rather than having to print out and stick together.

This book is published by stash books, an inprint of C&T Publishing, and available from Search Press in the UK and Europe - click here to take a look!

I had not heard of the author before so it was nice to read more about her in the author's bio at the back of the book and you can find Minki on IG @zeriano

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  1. It looks like a nice book, I haven’t hear of the author before. I particularly like the sewing machine. Thank you for the review.


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