Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A child free day ....

A child free day is a rarity in these parts and I am amazed at how much I got done today!
My next series of workshops are starting again tonight so I though I had better do some revision myself.
- a lined zipped purse

- that was started and finished in one sitting!

Binding for my quilt cut and stitched and ironed ...

Orange zest and juice ready to put into the carrot and orange soup ...

Binding stitched on and hand sewing commenced ...

A gluten free and dairy free cake for the ladies who are coming tonight - although I had to try it beforehand. 
Well you can't give something to people to eat without knowing it tastes OK first can you?

Also included in the day:
washing and ironing - but no need for photos of these eh?
rice pudding made - and now eaten
some computer bits and bobs
two coffees - drunk whilst hot
and started to read new library book on juicing.
And the most amazing of all? 
A clear lounge carpet ALL DAY LONG!!!!

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