Friday, 19 September 2014

The changing of the seasons .....

Last year was the first full autumn the girls had spent in the UK, whilst old enough to remember.  They had a ball but are looking forward to it EVEN more this year because they know what the events are and they know the people who will be at them better.  The anticipation of known, and loved, events seems to eclipse first time events for the children.

On our list of autumnal activities:

Miss M's 10th birthday - done :)

Miss C's 8th birthday - coming up soon

A bit of handmade love for Miss C's 7th birthday x
The Mop
Wow!!  They had never seen anything like it.  I remember how much I enjoyed this event as a child so it was just wonderful to take my own.

Miss C and her Dad on the dodgems

This is so much better in the UK because it's dark.  It's a simple as that really:

dark = spooky + candles + sparklers + lighted pumpkins

Plus the enjoyment of a wonderful party organised by some local home ed families and now friends for a spectacularly spooky evening!

The witch and her familiar

Bonfire Night
The girls had never been to one before.
They had never seen fireworks before.
Some people last year were gobsmacked that children aged 7 and 9 had been so deprived!  But again these things only really work if it's dark.  Oh and then there were the toffee apples ..... can't really say that they only work in the dark but the girls had never one of these either (maybe they are deprived!).

First ever sparkler!
And of course you can not forget the glorious autumn colours that England does sooo well or the humble conker (of which we had 100s) x

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