Friday, 12 September 2014

A week of celebrations Part 2 ...

It's not every week your eldest turns 10!  It's brought up some strange feelings in me and some very grown up feelings in Miss M.

- Where have the 10 years gone?
- Will the next 10 go so quickly?
- If so will I be ready for the inevitable separation?
- If my eldest is 10 that must mean that I am getting older too ...

Aside from that, we had a brilliant day.  Miss M also shares her birthday with Green, a (not surprisingly) green toy rabbit, who turned 8 and Nutmeg, a toy horse, who has been with us for 1 year!  There was a host of preparations for their birthdays, including presents, games, a magic show and a paper airplane display.

Fishing game, complete with octopus (made from dried glue!)
A selection of presents, both handmade and thrifted
The magician practising her routine
Fantastic book form which the airplanes were made - and they really flew

And no self respecting plane show can go ahead without a schedule!
Then onto the human's celebrations - present opening followed by breakfast at Hoorays.  This is an ice cream parlour and was the birthday girl's breakfast of choice ...

And she thought it was a great choice - waffles with ice cream, cream and M&Ms - good job it is only her birthday once a year!   Luckily if gave boundless energy for the kayaking course they started that afternoon.

Whoops - a little bang right at the beginning

Birthday girl in the orange kayak

And onto the river ....
Another home ed family had done a course in the holidays and organised a 5 week Home Ed Paddle Power course.  It was perfect that it started on Miss M's birthday and all the children thoroughly enjoyed it.  The weather was glorious, the progressed from the 2ft deep lagoon to the river in the first session and then they had popcorn, crisps and the obligatory cake!!! x

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