Tuesday, 11 August 2015

All about quilts ...

The last week has been all about quilts, quilts and more quilts. 
I joined my local quilting club, Hathaway Quilters, who meet twice a month in a local hall.  I haven't been a member of a quilting club since I left Feilding, New Zealand, and that was a long time ago.  I was a member of the Feilding Kowhai Patchwork Quilters.  It was such a wonderful group to be part off that I have been somewhat hesitant to join another - ridiculous I know!  It was lovely to be welcomed into the group and I even the raffle - two fat quarters of fabric.
And then there was The Festival of Quilts.  I had been before when I was back from New Zealand on holiday but this year was different.  I booked for two days, a workshop and a lecture, oh and I could actually buy things here because they didn't have to go in a suitcase back to NZ!
What a show.  So many wonderful and amazing quilts of all sizes, styles and techniques.  I was especially interested in the actual quilting of the quilts this year having just got a long arm quilting machine.  What a lot I have to aspire to!

These details were taken from The Awakening by Annelize Littlefair
There were 1800 or so quilts on display, both as entries and as exhibitions.  I thought I had been around them all but since returning and seeing peoples photos on FB I realise I missed quite a lot ......  Maybe I was too busy at all the stalls or going at a more relaxed pace because I knew I had two days.  By the end of Friday my feet ached, my legs ached and even my hips ached but I was very happy.  It was truly inspirational to see such talent, ideas, lovely people and, of course, fabric all in one place.

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