Friday, 14 August 2015

Finish it up Friday

Today I have a quilt to show you.  I know it may not look finished because it has no binding attached but it's finished for me.  This was one of several quilts tops I recently picked up from a local Project Linus co-ordinator.  I offered to quilt them for her because 1) it's a great cause and I like doing things for Project Linus and 2) it gave me good practice on my new longarm machine.  I had done a couple of practice pieces but hated the thought of the fabric and wadding not actually being used for anything (I know some people say to make bags out of it - but really I wouldn't like those bags!) so this is a win-win situation.
The first few I just did an all-over design, here, here and here!  But for this one I wanted to try some other patterns.  I have a quilt that I am piecing at the moment that I envisage quilted with separate designs in each colour column so I could do with the practice.
So, it's got ribbon candy:




a saw tooth kind of design (totally new to me and the points certainly don't match up!):

and a kind of feather!

I am so happy to have something finished to show on Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday, and for remembering to link up!  Looking forward to sitting down after dinner and popping over to some of the other people's blogs. x



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Brenna. Lovely to have you visit!

  2. beautiful quilting . what a win-win situation, you get practice and some lucky person gets that quilt !

    1. Thanks Colleen. It really is a win-win and I am loving doing them!

  3. Great idea for practicing your skills with the new longarm. It looks like you've been practicing a while already! Beautiful quilt for Project Linus--what a worthy cause! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Julie. I got the long arm 5 weeks ago and have now quilted 6 quilts!! I've the first one of my own to put on this week and get serious with!!


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