Tuesday, 25 August 2015

To do is done!

A while back I had to write a to-do list whilst I was in my studio.  All the fabric and no paper ..... so I used the girls' blackboard.  And a look at it yesterday was great reading - almost everything was crossed off. 

Of course this does not mean that everything done - is it ever?!  There's a new list in my head that now needs to make it onto the blackboard ......

Yesterday I posted off my completed ATC for the Very Berry Handmade swap.  It was a blind swap so the person I sent this to is not the person who I will receive from.

Hope my partner likes it!  One of the few remaining items on the board is 'Bed Quilt'.  That is the quilt I am currently working on - Straight Line Bow.  It is now on the frame and the quilting is happening, although somewhat slowly! x

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