Friday, 6 May 2016

A feather ruff anyone?

My finish for this week, in order to link up with Crazy Mom Quilts, was finished yesterday.  Our local Home Ed had their World Book Day meeting today and the children dressed up as a character from a book.
My eldest decided to go as Raven Queen ...
and so required a 'feathered collar/ruff/capelet'!  A rummage through a couple of boxes and I found some scrap silvery and sparkly fabrics which would work perfectly as the feathers.  How to do the collar though?  I had thought that I could mould some pelmet Vilene to shape and then attach fabric to it.  Then I remembered how much shaping there is in collars ........

Time for another rummage .... and I found an old shirt on the shelf and took the collar off it - voila an instant made foundation!



My daughter was very pleased with the end result and I have to say that I was rather taken with it myself .... although, when I did try it on, I realised that it looked a lot better on an 11 year old than her mother!

She didn't get the pink and purple hair but I think being able wear pink and purple eyeshadow (which she had to borrow from a friend's mum!) and pink lipstick more than made up for it!!

As this was all made from scraps I am linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday over at Mrs Sew & Sow


  1. Ahhh I remember those days, usually at very short notice having to cobble together an outfit. The youngest are twins so it was double the fun. At 13 now self consciousness means that's one thing in the past. But your collar looks inspired and very pretty.

  2. I am already finding myself making quite a few costumes for my boys, and it looks like some kind of cowboy get up should be on the list pretty soon. Altough I suppose it will stop after certain age.

    This little capelet turned out really cute. It was a grea idea to attach to an existing collar. Well, no hard feelings about it looking better on your daughter than you... the pirate hats I made for my boys look way better on them than on me ; )

  3. Using the existing collar was genius! This is a fantastic finish. My experience with costumes and daughters warns you to keep it, she'll wear it again years from now.

  4. Brilliant idea and it looks fabulous.

  5. What a great idea! And the feathers are perfect! I know she was thrilled!

  6. Very clever and inventive, fits well too. Great we are on the blog hop together.

  7. Brilliant! Love when you can make something seemingly complicated quite simple! Though still looks lots of work. Thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!

  8. What a great costume idea. Using a shirt collar was genius. The simple solutions are always the best.

  9. You are so good at figuring out this kind of thing! Lovely use of scraps too.


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