Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A little finish ......

but a finish nonetheless!  This was No 13 on my 2016 FAL list and just needed a little quilting and then binding.
I recently ran a small class for Home Educated children and this was one made by a girl there.  It's another quilt for Project Linus -  I love that it's a quilt for a child made by a child.

The backing looks like it is pieced aswell but it is just a print and was a large piece that was donated to me so will do for a few more girls quilts yet.

I read a binding tutorial over at mmm! quilts the other day and made sure I bookmarked it.  I have never joined binding on an angle, instead I have always overlapped the ends which has worked just fine.  It means there's a few more extra stitches to do when hand stitching the binding but that was never a biggie.  However, I am now starting to fully machine my binding and the little pocket that the overlapping method left was annoying me.  Sandra had made it seem so easy I thought it was a worth a try. 
Voila!  I know the picture is nothing dramatic but it worked ... perfectly .... first time .... with no unpicking and, more importantly, no cursing!  It is so neat and so lovely and why did it take me so long to try it?!

Do you have any tips or techniques that you have recently found that you wish you had tried sooner?  I would love to hear them if you did.

A little reminder for you that the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop got underway yesterday.  I went and visited all the ladies from Miss-Bee Hivin', which I am part of, but also took a nosey over at those belonging to The Sewcial Network and Hive Sewciety.  There are lots of great posts to read and some great giveaways too.  Why not head on over and show these bloggers a little bit of blog love?  My stop on the Blog Hop is next week so I hope you'll join me then aswell. x


  1. That is so sweet and the back is perfect for it. The angled binding leaves less bulk too.

  2. That is a sweet quilt for Project Linus. I'm glad Sandra's binding tutorial was able to get you successfully through binding this project. I remember the first time I tried the method I was scared to death I was going to mess it up.

  3. Congrats on the cute finish. Finishing by overlapping looks really intimidating the first time you do it. Even after 30 or so quilts, I have to get the instructions out to make sure I've got the ends overlapped correctly.


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