Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Farm Girl Vintage

So despite the weather (think torrential rain and actually it's cold too!), family illness (my youngest daughter has a summer cold and very sore throat) and the general unsettled feeling in my country (for that read it's like we've gone down a rabbit hole and nothing is as it appears) I am feeling rather sociable today so will be linking up with Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.  

Just to take a while to sit and visit some of the other people's blog who link up is a very relaxing and enjoyable way to spend some time .... and if there's coffee and brownies thrown in then I am there!  I also have a big thank you to Lorna for her flanged binding tutorial which I used yesterday on my Shakespeare challenege mini quilt.  On that note, yesterday I said:

 "Although looking at the top picture it's really annoying me so I may well unpick and restitch!"

Having been woken up VERY early by my daughter who is ill I had a few hours laying in bed thinking .....  Which, of course led to some seam ripping before breakfast .... but now I am very happy that I did.  Hint:  it was the join on the left hand side, which now whilst a little wavy, is at least even in the two colours!

Last week I offered up a Pay It Forward on my blog and the person whose name came out of the hat was Sue from Sevenoaks Street Quilts.  At some stage, before the end of the year, Sue will get a little something through the post from me.  Hopefully it will make her smile and brighten up her day.  In turn she will Pay It Forward with a little handmade love of her own.

Patchwork Pumpkin Block
I haven't yet shared any of my Farm Girl Vintage blocks on this blog.  I got the book for Christmas and really enjoyed making a few blocks at the start of the year.  I decided I wanted to make all 48 blocks and opted for the 6 1/2" block to make the full quilt.  

Fresh Pears Block
My, self-imposed, timeline was to make at least one block a week, so that all the blocks were done by the end of the year ready to be sashed and quilted in the New Year.  I have never had such a long term project as this but it sounded doable. In week 1 I made the pumpkin - which I loved doing, week 2 were the pears, week 3 was the strawberry ....

Scrappy Strawberry Block

and week 4 the canning block.  So far so good - one block a week was definitely doable, until ...... 

Canning Season Block

other commitments crept in, Home Ed activities started up again, plus swaps plus show quilts and then the completed blocks came off my design wall and then the book got covered with piles of other things ........ until last week.  I already had some pieces cut so one night I thought I would just sew these together and a little chick (still legless) was hatched ....

Baby Chick Block

and then the milk churn was made.

Milking Day Block

So not quite the 26 blocks that 'should' have been made by the last week in June but hey ho!  The number is increasing and they are looking really cute on my design wall.

Farm Girl Vintage Progress report: 6 blocks of 48 made x


  1. That Shakespeare Quilt is a very dramatic finish. Beautiful! And the farm girm vintage blocks look as if you are having a lot of fun with those. Looking forward to seeing more of it =)

  2. Your farm girl vintage blogs are so cute! Great way to use up your scraps! Your finish is lovely too. I always have great plans for lots of projects but life gets in the way and there is not enough time to work on them!

  3. I love your farm girl blocks and they indeed look beautiful together. :-)

  4. I love your Shakespeare quilt! I know what you mean about something buggin you until you rip though. I have done that several times myself this week!
    BTW, I wanted you to know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award! I always enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your projects. Details are here:

  5. The Shakespeare just gorgeous! I love the binding and quilting! Gorgeous!

  6. You know, when something really keeps bothering me about a quilt I always feel better when I go back and work on it; I can see the difference and think it was worth your time. I sure hope your daughter is feeling better! And your Farm Vintage blocks look great together. :)

  7. Your Shakespeare quilt is so wonderful. I love the design, the quilting and the thread choice. It's all so perfect! So in my mind, when you have something that wonderful with one little thing that's bugging you, it's well worth the time to unpick and fix it.

  8. My little guy had been on the couch all day today with the yucks... drastic weather changes are hard on the immune system! Get well wishes your way too!

    The quilting on your stars looks amazing!

    Yeah, FGV! I really enjoyed these blocks, although I have to say that it is pretty ambitious to tackle all 48!... plus sashing! This was the quilt that learned that I don't like doing sashing! It really is the perfect quilt to used up all those delicious scraps and bits. Looking forward to seeing this progress!

  9. Those scrappy Farm Girl blocks are darling! I can't wait to see more of them.

  10. The farm girl blocks are very cute. The ones on your top row are my top picks to make one of these days...

  11. Yes I see the difference in the Shakespeare quilt, it would bug you forever if you hadn't fixed it. Your FGV blocks are lovely and cheerful! Still can't believe I won something!

  12. Your farm girl blocks are coming along nicely. I really like the pears block. This may sound crazy, but if your daughter still has a sore throat, eating marshmallows will help with the pain. It's weird but they tend to coat the throat.

  13. Love the Shakespeare quilt. The farm girl blocks are bright and pretty. Love them!

  14. Hope your daughter is feeling better, summer colds are no fun. Love your Farm Girl blocks, they are bright and fun.


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