Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A little shopping therapy ...

My husband has taken this week of work and will be with the girls so I have a week in my studio.  I have never had such a long period of dedicated studio time and I can't believe how much I achieved yesterday.  Well, working today consisted of some shopping!  I had a good sort out yesterday trying to match tops with backing and realised that I would have to buy some.  So a trip to The Bramble Patch was in order.
I think this cat print is adorable, as does my daughter who it is for .....

however, it really doesn't go with the top.  Hey ho she's happy with it and that's all that counts right?

The next purchase was some backing and sashing fabric for a new quilt ....

and a few blocks made up.  Wow blocks are made sooooo much quicker when you have yardage and aren't trying to cobble together all your scraps!

Then three fabrics that will make two backs.  Hmmmmm, see yesterday I was trying to save money and piece together a back for my heart quilt.  There was so much piecing going on that it almost turned into another top.  Compounded with a couple of cutting errors which meant more piecing I decided that it really should be a quilt of its own hence why I needed fabric for two backings!

At the weekend I went into my local WHSmiths and was surprised and delighted to see Simply Moderne on the shelf.  It is not the latest edition but that doesn't matter  - I can always keep an eye out for that now I know they stock it.  It's certainly not a cheap magazine but the first copy I bought I read from beginning to end and just loved the article and quilts.  I have not finished reading it yet as I am savouring it!

On Sunday I went to the CHSI Stitches trade show at the NEC and came across Karen Lewis Textiles Blueberry Park stand.  I approached a lady on the stand who was free and started chatting away ..... little realising that it was Karen herself!

Check out those awesome bunnies!

And the quilt in the corner?  That the lovely pattern by Mary Emmens.  I have seen both this pattern and the Blueberry Park range all over the WWW and IG and have admired from afar.  But to see them in real life was wonderful. x


  1. Blueberry Park has hit the ground running. Great to see a British designer doing so well. I'm on a sort of fabric diet and only buying what I absolutely need for a project in hand. Pity, this would be in my basket pronto!

  2. Beautiful post.... Lovely pics and wonderful inspiration! Happy birthday from your Bee Hive buddy 😀 xx

  3. Beautiful post.... Lovely pics and wonderful inspiration! Happy birthday from your Bee Hive buddy 😀 xx


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