Saturday, 24 September 2016

A week of finishes - Day 1 :: My Favourite Colour

Earlier this year, Popular Patchwork announced a fun challenge for a mini quilt entitled My Favourite Colour, which were going to be on show at their stall at the Festival of Quilts in August.  I ummmed and aaahhhed about what was my favourite colour and then, as is my wont, I was very close to the deadline and I just had to make something ... anything ... any colour!! 

My solution was to make a rainbow mini because truly at different times all the colours are my favourites.  It started with some graduated colour strips ....

and then a bit of handstitching ....

Surely it needed a rainbow?  I had recently just used my Quick Curve Ruler for the first time and thought why not give it a go ....

  and it actually worked OK ....

But to use it ....

or not?

As you can see I decided not!  It needed to be the width of the piece and looked a little funny the size it was.  Being really new to curves I didn't have time to practise how to get it like I wanted.  I decided on straight line stitching first ....

but then decided to fill the top portion with gorgeous little swirly pearls (don't quote me on that - I've no idea what this quilting motif is really called!) ....

and just because I like this shot ....

Ta da!  I was going to have a rainbow effect on the binding so that each colour lined up under the columns of colour however, time was against me  Instead I brightened it up with a rainbow of prairie points.  This was a new technique for me but was really simple to do and I would definitely do it again.

This finished at 15" x 10.5".  The white is Kona cotton and the colours are all scraps.  I quilted it with Superior Magnifico in White.

I will look forward to getting this back and hanging it up in my studio ... which reminds me I better find out when it is coming back to me!

This is also a finish on my 2016 Finish Along Quarter 3 list - the first one I have linked up (Number 22 on the list)  .... I'd better get busy this last week!!


  1. I adore this!!!! Oh and if I am not mistaken, the FMQ motif is called paisley :)

  2. Prairie points for the win! But then, how could this quilt possibly lose? :)

  3. I like you favorite color! Love all the color and quilting is gorgeous. Beautifully done!

  4. So cute! And very creative. Love it!

  5. So lovely! And those prairie points are fantastic! I have prairie points on my quilty skills bucket list, but I've yet to try them. Lovely mini!

  6. AAAAH! I can't love this enough! This is fantastic and while at first I was disappointed that you couldn't use your rainbow curve, I think the prairie points worked out so much better. I think the quilting you chose works really well with the entire project (and those swirly pearls, I'm pretty sure are called paisleys)

  7. Rainbow is definitely a color! I bet you will find another use for your rainbow curve, and I love your detailed photo of your lovely quilting. Well done!

  8. Very cute touch with the prairie points and I rally like your quilting!

  9. This is beautiful! Thanks for participating in the 2016 FAL on behalf of the global hosts 😀


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